40. Robert Wright3 Linn (Andrew2, Andrew1)(453) was born in Kendall Co., IL October 8, 1858.(454) Robert died December 29, 1941 in Norfolk, Madison Co., Nebraska, at 83 years of age.(455) His body was interred Est January 1942 in Madison, Nebraska, Crown Hill Cemetery.(456)

He married twice. He married Louisa B. Wesche in Bristol, Kendall Co, Illinois, December 29, 1880.(457) Louisa was born in Jefferson Co., ILL December 14, 1860.(458) Louisa(459) was the daughter of John Wesche and Dora Brencke. Louisa died February 8, 1906 at 45 years of age.(460) Her body was interred February 1906 in Madison, Nebraska, Crown Hill Cemetery.(461) She moved in 1883 to Enola, Madison Co., Nebraska.(462) She resided in Columbus, Platte Co., Nebraska August 1887.(463) He married Margaret Willis Cropper in Madison, Madison Co., Nebraska, October 1, 1907.(464) (Additional notes for Margaret Willis Cropper(465))

Robert's occupation: Farmer in Jefferson Co., ILL, 1881.(466) He moved in 1883 to Enola, Madison Co., Nebraska.(467) He bought property in Enola, Madison Co., Nebraska, 1886.(468) He resided in Columbus, Platte Co., Nebraska August 1887.(469) He resided October 25, 1912.(470) Robert's occupation: Proprietor circa 1920.(471) According to one granddaughter, Dorris, that Robert would often bring a large grocery sack filled with oranges when he heard that one of his grandchildren was sick. At one point in time, he brought his granddaughters a box with many dolls. After Dorris' mother died, Robert bought a piano for she and her siblings; only Carol, however, had an opporunity to take piano lessons. (472)

Robert Wright Linn and Louisa B. Wesche had the following children:

child + 145 i. Alfred Eugene4 Linn was born February 18, 1882.

child 146 ii. Stella Linn(473) was born in Jefferson Co., ILL April 5, 1883.(474) Stella died est 1889.(475)

child 147 iii. Edith Ann Linn(476) was born in Madison, Madison Co., Nebraska January 29, 1886.(477) Edith died March 19, 1945 in Norfolk, Madison Co., Nebraska, at 59 years of age.(478) Edith Ann, who never married, gave her life to helping others. She raised her younger brothers and sisters after her mother's death. She also worked for the Arron Henreys, the Elleys, Anna Johnson and many other families after her siblings were raised. (479)

child + 148 iv. Cora Eileen Linn was born Septemer 6, 1887.

child 149 v. Charley Elmer Linn(480) was born in Nebraska May 27, 1889.(481) Charley died November 29, 1957 in Norfolk, Madison Co., Nebraska, at 68 years of age.(482) He married Nellie Jane Carson February 22, 1911.(483) (Additional notes for Nellie Jane Carson(484))

Charley's occupation: Farmer in Hall Co., Nebraska, 1911.(485) He moved 1943 in Madison, Nebraska.(486)

child + 150 vi. Florence Alvina Linn was born July 4, 1891.

child + 151 vii. Mable V. Linn was born May 13, 1893.

child 152 viii. Della Linn was born in Nebraska May 10, 1896.(487) Della died 1911 at 15 years of age.(488)

child + 153 ix. Myron Jay Linn was born May 10, 1899.

child + 154 x. Earl Victor Linn was born February 1, 1903.

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