186. Harry Quigley4 Lynn (Chatham3 Linn, James A.2, Andrew1)(1370) was born November 9, 1893. Harry died October 23, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio, at 64 years of age. His body was interred in Albany, NY.

He married Marthena Virginia Bower August 19, 1916.(1371) Marthena was born in Pinecreek Twp, Clinton Co., PA February 22, 1899. (Additional notes for Marthena Virginia Bower(1372)) Marthena died December 29, 1965 in Willowick, Lake Co., OH, at 66 years of age.

Harry graduated in Beech Creek, Clinton Co., PA, 1909. Institution: institution unknown.(1373) A question exits as to why the spelling was changed to a "y" from an "i" in Harry's surname. Brian Linn asked this question of John Johnstonbaugh and received the following response. "To answer your question -- Phyllis Biser, a sister of Harry Q. Lynn, wrote that all her brothers except Charles + Lawrence spelled the name Lynn. She did not like the fact that they do so and did not offer any reason why." (01198:1) The reference in Harry Lingle's book regarding the graduating classes of Beech Creek High School notes a Harry Linn for 1909. (00853:22) __________________________For Additional Information See the Lock Haven Express of August 26, 1916 and Friday, October 24, 1958 (01409:15). ______________________________Thoughts/Conflict Brian Linn is quite sure the Harry above is the same listed in the book but is not positive because there is no data regarding the parentage of the graduates; perhaps census data could be employed to make a positive verification. Most of Brian's question is related to his being only 15 at the time of graduation. (00853:22) A conflict exists between two sources; 00838:26 notes that his birth-year is 1894 while 00947:3 indicates 1893. There are two reasons to rely more on the second source for this. First, it's more consistent with a 1909 high school graduation (based on the above person and the person listed in the book being one in the same). Second, it has more comprehensive information for this line of the family and, therefore, more likely to be correct.

Harry Quigley Lynn and Marthena Virginia Bower had the following children:

child + 407 i. Richard Elwood5 Lynn was born January 14, 1917.

child 408 ii. Willard Bower Lynn(1374) was born February 8, 1918. Willard died April 26, 1918 at less than one year of age. ______________Further Research Required Source 00947:4 indicates a death date of April 26, 1918 while its later version, source 01409:24, indicates that he died in May of 1918. Oddly, the later version has a less precise date.

child + 409 iii. Geraldine Mae Lynn was born April 19, 1920.

child + 410 iv. Florence Ellen Lynn was born January 28, 1922.

child 411 v. Ruth Elaine Lynn(1375) was born in Avis, Clinton Co., PA February 13, 1923. She married Joseph Anslow in Troy, New York, April 15, 1945.(1376) Joseph was born in Troy, New York May 26, 1918. Joseph(1377) is the son of Harry Samuel Anslow and Nora Scully. According to source 01409:24, Joseph and Ruth had no children.

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