499. Betty6 McGhee (J. Harrison5, George4, John3, Elizabeth2 Linn, Andrew1)(2780) birth date unknown.

She married Albert Morrison.(2781) (Additional notes for Albert Morrison(2782)) He resides in Erin, Tenn. 1976.

She resides in Erin, Tenn. 1976.

Betty McGhee and Albert Morrison had the following children:

child 763 i. George M.7 Morrison(2783). He resides in Parkersburg, West VA 1976.

child 764 ii. John Morrison(2784). He resides in Plymoth Meeting 1976. ____________________Further Research Required There is some question about the town in which he was living in 1976. Source 01409:30 indicates that it was called Plymouth Meeting; however, there is a question mark next to it to indicate some uncertainty.

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