316. Gladys5 Crandel (Delia E.4 Linn, James Harr3, Thomas2, Andrew1)(1971) birth date unknown.

She married Vernon Graf. (Additional notes for Vernon Graf(1972)) Gladys Crandel was really humorous. She visited Letha and Hazel a couple of times and they called on Gladys at her home in Marion (Letha Linn is fairly certain) Indiana (source 01061:1).

Gladys Crandel and Vernon Graf had the following children:

child 570 i. Fedelia Evylen6 Graf(1973). Source 01370:3 notes that Fidelia Evelyn Graf weighed 45 pounds at age 5 years and 2 months. In addition, it was also noted that this source, a family photo, provided the most sober facial expression on Evelyn's part to date in her 5 year life.

child 571 ii. Henry Bud Graf(1974). Source 01370:3 indicates that at age 1 year and 10 months that Morris Crandell Graf weighed 22 pounds. ____________________Further Research Required The note above references Morris Crandell Graf while another name for the male child born to his parents is that of Henry Bud Graf. The problem is that there are two old family photographs of this young man, each with a different name. To the eye of Brian Linn, there is no question that the male child in each of the two photographs is the same person by virtue of nearly identical facial expressions. What was the proper given name of this young man?

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