22. James Harr3 Linn (Thomas2, Andrew1)(262) was born in unk City, unk Co, PA December 3, 1834.(263) James died November 15, 1911 in unk City, unk Co, ILL, at 76 years of age. His body was interred November 1911 in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, Chatsworth.(264)

He married Jane Parkhurst in Kendall Co., IL, January 1, 1859. Jane was born in unk City, Kendall Co., ILL November 7, 1841.(265) Jane(266) was the daughter of Joel Parkhurst and Fidelia Damon. Jane died March 7, 1909 in unk City, unk Co, ILL, at 67 years of age.(267) Her body was interred March 1909 in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, Chatsworth.(268) Jane's occupation: Keeping House. She was listed as a resident in the census report in Lisbon, Kendall Co., IL, September 18, 1850.(269) She was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, June 15, 1880.(270) ________________________Additional Census information 1850, lists her as age 9, born in Illinois (01422). 23 June 1860, Bristol P.O., Lisbon Township, Kendall Co., ILL. Lists Jane as age 18, born in Pennsylvania (01425). 3 August 1870, Chatsworth P.O., Charlotte Township, Livingston Co., ILL: lists her as Jane P., age 28, keeping house, born in Illinois (01426). 1880, lists her as wife, age 37, keeping house, born in Illinois, parents born in New York (01421) She is buried with her husband, near some other family members (01434 #1).

Further Research Required Records collected on the 1910 census from Ringgold County, Iowa (271) indicate that she was born in New York, while another source (01818) notes that she was born in Illinois. It would be helpful to pull an original copy of the 1910 census to verify the Ringgold County records. Perhaps additional research will be required to be certain of her birthplace.

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Bald Eagle, Clinton Co., PA, 1840.(272) James's occupation: Farmer 1857. He resided in Kendall Co., IL October 1, 1864.(273) He bought property in Livingston Co., ILL, October 1, 1864.(274) He resided in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL Spring 1866, Section 25.(275) He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, June 15, 1880.(276) He owned property (NW1/4 Sec 25 Twp 27N Rng 8E) in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, as of 1893.(277) He owned property (E1/2 NE1/4 Sec 26 Twp 27N Rng 8E) in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, as of 1893.(278) He resided in Piper City, Ford Co., ILL May 3, 1909.(279) He sold property to Orin Parkhurst Linn in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, May 3, 1909 and issued a W.D.(280) He sold property to James Eugene Linn in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, May 3, 1909 and issued a W.D.(281) He sold property in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, May 3, 1909.(282) He sold property in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, May 3, 1909.(283) James was ill suffering a stroke.(284) ________________________Additional Census Information 1840, lists him in age group 5-10 (01416). 8 August 1850, in Liberty Township, Centre Co, PA. Age 16, occupation farmer, born in Pennsylvania (01419). 23 June 1860, Bristol P.O., Lisbon Township, Kendall Co., ILL. Harr is listed as age 25, farmhand, born in Pennsylvania (01425). 13 August 1870, Chatsworth P.O., Charlotte Township, Livingston Co., ILL: lists him as J.H., age 37, farmer, real estate valued at $5200, personal property valued at $720, born in Pennsylvania (01426). 1880, lists him as age 46, head of household, farmer, born in Pennsylvania, parents also born in Pennsylvania (01421). He was the fifth child. Until age 22, he worked as a canal boat-man from Erie, Pennsylvania to Chicago Illinois. In 1856 he moved to Kendall County Illinois where he met his wife (00852). They had eleven children of which six lived to adulthood. James Harr was successful man and upon his death had three farms (perhaps four - see Further Research below), a town house in Peoria and a home in Jacksonville, Florida. It is suggested by Letha Linn that he remarried about a year before he died but this has not been documented. Upon his death, the will (see below) was contested by a son-in-law (Delia's husband); the court battle lasted two or more years and when it was over there was little left for the children to inherit. The sad part is that Delia's husband had plenty of money and that his greed prevented any of the children from inheriting all that was theirs. According to Letha Linn, the Florida property went to his second wife. (See 00840 & 01369:1) According to Letha Linn, Harr's wife Jane was a religious woman but Harr was probably not nearly so religious. Apparently, Harr was very interested in making money with the tone of Letha's voice indicating that his interest in monetary matters was perhaps stronger than it should have been. However, she didn't know Harr so any impression would have come second-hand from other family members. (01372)

Published Narrative (285)

James H. Linn located in Charlotte Township in the spring of 1866, where, on Section 25, a few months previously, he had purchased an 80-acre tract of wild prairie land. He was not quite ready at that time, however, to begin its improvement and cultivation, and the following spring rented another tract, which had been slightly improved, and he put up for his dwelling a shanty, partly slab and partly sod, in which he and his young wife made there home for quite a number of years. This house, however, stood on his own land, and in 1869 he put up the main part of the dwelling which he now occupies. He industriously set about building up a homestead, and was prospered in his labors. He invested his surplus capital as he accumulated it in additional land, and is now the proprietor of 240 acres, which he has brought to a high state of cultivation and provided with suitable buildings. Beside this property, our subject and his children have a claim upon 880 acres in Nebraska. The home farm is stocked with high-grade Shorthorn Cattle, while in his stables are seen some fine specimens of Norman horses. All his farm operations are carried on in a regular and systematic manner, and the result is highly creditable to a man who commenced in life without means and dependant upon his own resources. Mr. Linn was born in Clinton County, Pa. Dec. 3, 1835 and was the child of Thomas and Rachel (Leyman) Linn, also natives of the Keystone State. His paternal grandparents, Andrew and Rachel [an error, correct name is Martha] Linn, were natives of Dublin, Ireland [actually, Cumber Parish, west of Dublin], and the parents of his mother, Michael and Rachel Leyman, were born in Germany. Thomas Linn, upon reaching manhood engaged in lumbering in his native State, which he followed until 1856, when he came to Illinois and located on a farm in Kendall County. From there he removed to Chatsworth in 1874, where he and his wife spent the remainder of their lives, the latter passing away Nov 27, 1883 and the former August 15, 1885. James H. Linn early in life learned that he must work for his living and first followed the canal and lakes from Erie, Pa. to Chicago, which business he continued until 22 yrs old. Afterward he engaged in farming and on January 1, 1859 after coming to the west, was united with Miss Jane Parkhurst, who was born in Kendall Co., ILL Nov. 7, 1841. Mrs. Linn is the daughter of Joel and Fidelia (Damon) Parkhurst, and was the eldest in a family of 4 children. Her parents were natives of New York State, but spent their last years in Kendall Co., where they were pioneer settlers. Our subject and his wife were residents of that county until their removal here. The became the parents of eleven children, of whom but six are living, namely: Orrin P., who, possessing the enterprise of his father in a marked degree, has taken up a homestead in Nebraska; Lora L. who has finished here education, and is now home with her parents; Girdon F, James Eugene, Delia E, Ida L. Orrin P. completed his education at the Norm-- [can't decipher the last two characters] School at Valparaiso, Ind. and all the children will receive the best advantages, our well regulated school system offers. Mr. Linn was the first Assessor of Charlotte Township, and has officiated as School Director for a period of 18 years. He uniformly encouraged those enterprises which are for the moral and intellectual welfare of the people, and nothing pleases him better than to note the progress of education and those enterprises which will build up a community socially and financially. Although not at present connected with any religious organization he is always interested in Church matters. Mrs. Linn and her eldest daughter are connected with the Methodist Church at Chatsworth. On an adjoining page may be found a view of Mr. Linn's residence, which is certainly one of Livingston County's representative country estates.

Following is this author's description of the lithograph. The main house is two stories and appears to be about 24 x 18 feet in dimension; there is, however, an addition in the back of the house, but its size is impossible to estimate because it is nearly obscured from view by the main house. The chimney exits the roof line in the center of the house. There are windows in the gables of the second story, but no dormers. Approximately 60 feet from the main house there begins an area containing the farm buildings, about 125 feet square. The barn is the central and largest building and there are four other out-buildings. Also, there is a windmill.(286)

A neighbor of Harr's, James Brydon, wrote in his diary (circa 1879) that "funeral of Jas. A Linn's son ... funeral of Jas. H. Linn's son ... funeral of Pearon's twin boys ... helped dig grave for child of George Ridgeway" In a period of less than ten years, he mentioned the deaths of 12 children, among them was his own little America Ann.(287) [Editor's note: James A. Linn lived his life in Pennsylvania. There was, however, Joseph H Linn, who is buried in the plot adjacent (288) to James Brydon, perhaps the handwriting was not properly deciphered and the name above should be Jos. A. Linn]


Source 01818 indicates his year of birth to be 1835 while source 01434 #1 indicates 1834. This writer has chosen 1834 with hope that the tombstone has engraved upon it the correct date.

Further Research Required

It must be determined specifically where he died, Chatsworth, Peoria, Livingston, or some other place. Letha Linn believes it may have been Jacksonville, Florida. She thinks that he and his second wife moved to Florida and that the second wife got the Florida house. See Editor's note above. The 1860 census lists an Oli Olson, age 20, born in Norway residing with the Harr Linn family (01425). Brian Linn is uncertain how, if at all, he relates to the Linns. Will: The circuit court clerk in Peoria Co., ILL didn't find the a will for James Harr Linn (see misc info, will of Robert H. Linn). The circuit court probate clerk in Livingston Co., ILL didn't find a will for James Linn on file (01776:2). It should be noted that two children Laura and Eugene each received an 80 acre tract, Orin received a 50 acre tract and Ida received a 40 acre tract, while Gird and Delia didn't receive any land grant; perhaps this inequity was found offensive (sources 01788-01791). According to Letha Linn, who was less than certain of her facts, Delia's husband was greatly offended and stirred up the trouble and long term legal wrangling; her source for the information was Orin Linn, who passed on to her that the legal scuffles were carried out in court over Harr's will; in addition, Letha believes he had a will, which may have ended up being probated in Ford County. (289) Much research has been done by Brian Linn around the Peoria, ILL area to ascertain if indeed had a house there. No such property has yet been discovered. When checking again with Letha Linn, she reiterated that the house was indeed in the Peoria area; however, maybe not in Peoria but near it somewhere. (290)

James Harr Linn and Jane Parkhurst had the following children:

child 101 i. Henry4 Linn was born in ILL. 1859. He was listed as a resident in the census report in Lisbon, Kendall Co., IL, June 23, 1860.(291) Henry is listed on the 1860 census as age 1, born in Illinois (01425). ____________________Further Research Required It should be noted that his parents were married only 18 months earlier than the enumeration date of the 1860 census. His age may have been rounded up to 1 for convenience, but, more information should be obtained regarding his birth date.

child + 102 ii. Orin Parkhurst Linn was born April 14, 1861.

child + 103 iii. Laurie Leona Linn.

child 104 iv. Alice Linn(292) was born July 25, 1865.(293) Alice died July 26, 1865 at less than one year of age.(294) Her body was interred July 1865 Chatsworth.(295)

child + 105 v. Gordon 'Gird' F. Linn.

child 106 vi. Perry Linn(296) was born in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL December 20, 1868.(297) Perry died January 11, 1873 at 4 years of age.(298) His body was interred January 1873 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(299) He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, August 13, 1870. ____________________Further Research Required The 1870 census lists a son probably by the name of Perry, age 2, born in Illinois. This census didn't copy well and is difficult to read so it is hard to tell the exact name and age, it's either a 5 or a 2. However, it's more likely a 2 because there is another, more documented sibling (Gordon), who is listed as age 5 and Brian Linn has no reason to suspect that he had a twin. This younger child doesn't show up on any later census records. (01426)

child 107 vii. James Eugene Linn(300) was born in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL. James died after 1925.(301) He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, June 15, 1880.(302) He bought property in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, May 3, 1909.(303) He resided in Vandalia, Audrian Co., MO May 3, 1909.(304) Additional census information. 1880 census lists him as son, age 9, born in Illinois (01421). He went by Gene and married a "fat women" who was jolly and a very good cook. Perhaps one reason Letha Linn used the word fat was because Gene was a small man and she appeared large in comparison to him (00785). Brian Linn recalls that from previous conversations with Letha Linn, that she may have gone by Bird. Gene is listed as residing in Vandalia, Mo., in January of 1926 (01365).

child 108 viii. Roy Linn(305) was born July 13, 1875.(306) Roy died July 13, 1875 at less than one year of age.(307) His body was interred July 1875 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(308)

child + 109 ix. Delia E. Linn.

child + 110 x. Ida L. Linn.

child 111 xi. Earl W. Linn(309) was born December 10, 1882.(310) Earl died September 7, 1884 at 1 year of age.(311) His body was interred September 1884 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(312)

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