27. Martha3 Linn (Andrew2, Andrew1)(313) was born in Beech Creek, PA May 28, 1831.(314) Martha died November 12, 1912 at 81 years of age.(315) Her body was interred November 1912 in Blanchard, Centre Co., PA, Blanchard.(316)

She married John G. Gunsallus.(317) John was born October 15, 1824. John(318) was the son of James Gunsallus and Rachel Masden. John died April 18, 1901 at 76 years of age.(319) His body was interred April 1901 in Blanchard, Centre Co., PA. John's occupation: Farmer. He resided in Beech Creek, PA August 1887.(320)

John is buried in the Baptist Cemetery. He lived in Liberty Township. John's death certificate was signed by Dr. J.E. Tibbens and the cause of death was bronchitis. (01409:6) __________________________For Additional Information See the Clinton Republican of April 24, 1901, November 20, 1912, and the 1890 census (probably Liberty Township, Centre Co.,) (01409:6). See the 1870 census (probably Liberty Township, Centre Co.,) (01409:12).

She was listed as a resident in the census report in Howard Township, Centre Co., PA, 1840.(321) She was listed as a resident in the census report in Liberty Township, Centre Co., PA, August 7, 1850.(322) She resided in Beech Creek, PA August 1887.(323) She resided in Liberty Township, Centre Co., PA October 25, 1912.(324) ________________________Additional Census Information 1840 lists Martha, a free white female, age group 5-10 (01429). 1850 lists Martha, age 18, born in Pennsylvania (01424). "In 1870, Robert and Nancy Gunsallus, children of John and Martha (Linn) Gunsallus, were staying temporarily with their uncle and aunt, Edward and Elizabeth (Linn) DeHaas. Their names were listed by the census taker as 'Consol'." (00853:81) They were probably living there because their brother Joseph was born circa 1870 (by this writer's deduction) and Edward and Elizabeth were helping out by caring for the older children. As to the name being listed as "Consol," the Lingles noted the following. "... is a reminder of the general mispronunciation and incorrect spelling of some of family names over the years." The Gunsallus name had also been spelled incorrectly as "Kunsawl." (00853:81) One can gather by this approximately how the name was pronounced and that it was often mispelled. __________________________For Additional Information See the Clinton Republican of November 20, 1912 for her obituary (01409:12). __________________________Further Research Required Source 00838:18 lists her birth year as 1831 while the 1850 census (01424) would indicate 1830. Which is correct? The answer is 1831 because that corresponds to the age at death on the tombstone from source 01773:2. However, the age at death was 81 years, 5 months and 14 days, which is off one day off. Source 00838:18 notes her birth day as the 28th and source 01773:2 notes her day of death as the 12th, which would mean that her age at death would have been 81 years, 5 months and 15 days. This is probably just an error in arithmatic by the person carving the stone.

Martha Linn and John G. Gunsallus had the following children:

child + 112 i. Jane (Jennie)4 Gunsallus.

child 113 ii. George Gunsallus(325).

child 114 iii. Corey Gunsallus(326).

child 115 iv. W. Franklin Gunsallus(327) was born 1856. W. died 1935 at 79 years of age. His body was interred in Blanchard, PA. He married Harriet C. Eckert.(328) Harriet was born 1857. (Additional notes for Harriet C. Eckert(329)) Harriet died 1932 at 75 years of age. Her body was interred in Blanchard, PA.

W.'s occupation: Teacher. W. Franklin and Harriet lived in Beech Creek in 1912 where he was a teacher. They are buried in the [probably Liberty] Baptist Cemetery (01409:12).

child 116 v. Robert A. Gunsallus(330) was born before 1870. Robert died after 1912.

child 117 vi. Nancy Gunsallus(331) was born before 1870.

child + 118 vii. Joseph Gunsallus was born January 1, 1870.

child 119 viii. Elvy E. Gunsallus(332) was born circa 1880.

child 120 ix. Hattie C. Gunsallus(333) was born before 1890.

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