29. Joseph H.3 Linn (Andrew2, Andrew1)(334) was born in Beech Creek, PA September 7, 1835.(335) Joseph died 1910 at 74 years of age.(336) His body was interred 1910 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(337)

He married Jane H. Daman in Kendall Co., IL, September 13, 1860.(338) Jane was born 1833.(339) (Additional notes for Jane H. Daman(340)) Jane died 1903 at 70 years of age.(341) Her body was interred 1903 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(342) She resided in Chartsworth, Livingston Co., ILL August 1887.(343)

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Howard Township, Centre Co., PA, 1840.(344) He was listed as a resident in the census report in Liberty Township, Centre Co., PA, August 7, 1850.(345) He bought property (N1/2 SW1/4 Sec 25 Twn 27 Rng 8) from John W. Linn and wife in Livingston Co., ILL, March 18, 1869 and received a W.D.(346) He received a Release on land September 20, 1869 in Livingston Co., ILL from Susan Stillwill by Attorney.(347) He, together with his wife, sold property in Livingston Co., ILL, September 20, 1869 to John W. Linn.(348) He resided in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL August 1887.(349) He owned property (S1/2 Sec 25 Twp 27N Rng 8E) in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, as of 1893.(350) __________________Additional Census Information 1840 lists Joseph as a free white male, under 5 (01429). 1850 lists Joseph as age 15, born in Pennsylvania (01424).

Further Research Required There are a number of Brydon's buried very near Joseph and his family (see source 01810 - B).

Joseph H. Linn and Jane H. Daman had the following children:

child 121 i. Olive J.4 Linn(351) was born 1860.(352) Olive died 1941 at 81 years of age.(353) Her body was interred 1961 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(354)

child 122 ii. Lura E. Linn(355) was born 1863.(356) Lura died 1936 at 73 years of age.(357) Her body was interred 1936 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(358)

child + 123 iii. Joseph Grant Linn was born 1865.

child 124 iv. Lillie B. Linn(359) was born 1867.(360) Lillie died 1887 at 20 years of age.(361) Her body was interred 1887 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(362)

child 125 v. Edward Linn(363) was born 1873.(364) Edward died 1874 at 1 year of age.(365) His body was interred 1874 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(366)

child 126 vi. Marshall Linn(367) was born August 1878.(368) Marshall died on the road to Fairbury from a Pharyngeal Absess September 12, 1878 in Jefferson Co., ILL, at less than one year of age.(369) His body was interred September 1878 in Chatsworth, Livingston Co., ILL, Chatsworth.(370)

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