102. Orin Parkhurst4 Linn (James Harr3, Thomas2, Andrew1)(1000) was born in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL April 14, 1861.(1001) Orin died January 3, 1926 in Zwolle, Sabine Parish, LA, at 64 years of age. His body was interred January 1926 in Zwolle, Sabine Parish, LA.(1002)

He married Sara Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Robb February 20, 1887.(1003) Sara was born in unk Co, MO April 17, 1867.(1004) Sara(1005) was the daughter of Ed Robb. Sara died June 8, 1907 in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, at 40 years of age.(1006) Her body was interred June 1907 in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL.(1007) Sara, as Orin Parkhurst Linn's wife, resided with him in Nebraska 1888.(1008) She was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, June 19, 1900.(1009) ________________________Additional Census Information 1900 lists her as a white female and wife. She is listed as being born in Missouri in April of 1867 and having been married for 12 years, resulting in three children all of whom were living at the time of enumeration. Her father is listed as being born in Indiana while her mother's birthplace was Illinois. She could read, write and speak English. (01427)

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, August 13, 1870.(1010) He resided in Nebraska 1888.(1011) He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, June 19, 1900.(1012) He bought property in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, May 3, 1909.(1013) He resided in Beaconsfield, Ringold Co., Iowa May 3, 1909.(1014) Orin was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census in Union Twp, Ringgold Co., IA.(1015) Orin's occupation: Farmer in Union Twp, Ringgold Co., IA, 1910.(1016) Orin was ill having suffered a stroke.(1017) ________________________Additional Census Information 1870, he is listed as age 9, born in Illinois, and as school in year (01426). 15 June 1880, in Charlotte, Livingston Co., Illinois, listed as son, age 19, farm laborer, born in Illinois (01421). 1900, lists him as a white male who is head of the family. He was born in Illinois in April of 1861, married for 12 years at time of enumeration. His father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother in New York. His occupation is noted as farmer who was unemployed for zero months and owned his home free and clear of mortgage. In addition, it is noted that he can read, write and speak English. Furthermore, a white male by the name of Sam Kindig is listed as 'HL' (presumably hired labor) in his relationship to Orin; he is listed as being born in Illinois in March of 1879 and as being 21 years of age. Sam's parents are noted as being born in Ohio. Sam's occupation is listed as farm laborer who was unemployed for zero months and rented his home. He also could read, write and speak English. It is interesting that he is also noted as 'home owned free of mortgage,' which is curious given his status as a lessee. (01427) Orin P. Linn is listed in the Teachers College of Valparaiso University in 1883 and he is noted as being from Ford, Ill. Brian Linn read that he had graduated from the school, but that has not been documented. Transcripts are not available for the years 1859 - 1911. (00841) Orin once showed Letha a picture (a little larger than a billfold/wallet size print) that he had taken while at Valaprasio. Upon leaving Valparasio he went to homestead in Nebraska. His sister Lori also went and they each built a sod house. [Editors note: I believe there was only one house; see text on Laurie Leona Linn Clark for a details regarding this homestead experience]. (01061:1) Orin met his wife Lizzie (Sara Elizabeth) in Nebraska and while homesteading there, Edith was born to them in the quiet of their sod house (00785). In the end, without having obtained a successful harvest after three seasons, he returned home to Illinois (00930). Orin was a church going man while Lizzie was alive (01372). Upon the death of his wife, Orin P. Linn moved to the southern and probably eastern part of Iowa. According to Letha Linn the town was named Elkton; however, this town has not been located on a map. [Dave and Laurie Linn Clark resided in the Clearfield, Iowa area according to an old family photo (#91) perhaps they lived near to each other.] He rented a farm and was quite successful financially. For some reason (of which I am not sure) he moved to Louisiana. The reason could may have related to the death of his father, James Harr Linn, and the contesting of his will. The land he bought in Louisiana was poor. It is thought that his intent was to go into millwork but Mrs. Alma Strickland believed he attempted farming. The land near Zwolle is poor in comparison to Iowa and to farm it successfully required different techniques than Iowa land. The end result is that he went broke. (00840) Apparently, after his wife died he married again, to a society gal. She was a mean lady by the account of Letha Linn who stated that the woman told Orin that she was going to leave him and requested $5,000 to assure him that he was rid of her. In the end, Orin Parkhurst Linn lived out his life with his son James Hazel Linn and daughter-in-law Letha Shirley Linn. (00840) As a follow up to this, there is no record of a marriage for O.P. Linn in Ringgold County, Iowa, which in now means he didn't remarry, only that he didn't do so in Ringgold. (1018) Orin had a serious problem with varicose veins and had surgery twice in Illinois. Eventually, the problem settled in his foot. He had an ongoing sore that would open often which had to be constantly bandaged. He was always careful not to allow soil or dirt to enter the it and probably kept a dressing on it when it wasn't open simply to protect it. The bandage was large and came up his leg farther than one might expect for an ankle sore, which was located on the inside of his right leg either immediately above or below the ankle (Letha couldn't be certain if above or below). This slowed him down later in life but didn't prevent him from moving about, and he was never completely crippled. It was when he was having severe difficulty with his foot that he would tell Letha stories about the family [editor's note: it was some of these stories, which included lineage, that were passed on to me and form the foundation for my endeavors in genealogy]. In the end, he experienced a stroke and didn't live long after that. (01061:2) Even during his last years Orin remained humorous and very much enjoyed telling stories, especially anecdotal humor. Letha remembers that he preferred such stories to one line jokes; he was a fairly serious individual, business like: even in his humor. In contrast, Hazel leaned more toward jokes. (01061:1) [Editor's note: it is interesting that the sense of humor of Orin's grandson Eldon was much like Orin's. I myself (Brian) enjoy funny stories, anecdotes, sarcasm, playing on words or situations, and ribbing. It is clear, however, that at least four generations have had an obvious sense of humor.] Letha met Orin's youngest brother (James Eugene, the namesake of her son Jean). Orin's youngest sister Ida had a large family in contrast to his other siblings who had smaller families. His sister Laurie visited Hazel and Letha a lot, even after the passing of Orin. ___________________________________Obituary ________________________________(Source 01365) ________________Orin P. Linn, Former Chatsworth Resident, Dead Orin P. Linn, a former and longtime resident of Chatsworth, died at the home of his son, Hazel, in Zwolle, Louisiana, January 3d, aged 64 years, 8 months and 20 days. Mr. Linn spent all but the last 18 years of his life in the vicinity of Chatsworth. He was married February 20, 1887 to Miss Lizzie Robb, who preceded him in death June 1907. To this union four children were born as follows: Mrs. Edith J. Sampson, of Ross Iowa; J. Hazel, of Mitchell, Louisiana; Calvin R., of Ross, Iowa; and Mitchell, deceased. Mr. Linn was better known ad Fred [editor's note: I, Brian Linn, have never heard him referenced as Fred]. In 1908 following the death of his wife he went to Iowa to live. Seven years later he purchased a tract of land near Zwolle, Louisiana, and has made his home there ever since. In addition to the children two sisters and two brothers survive. They are: G.F. Linn, of Piper City; J.E. Linn of Vandalia, Mo.; Mrs. D.S. [Lora Linn] Clark, of Murray, Iowa and Mrs. Fred Reynolds, of Fontaine, Indiana. Deceased was a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints [editor's note: Letha was certain that he was not a Mormon; however, source 01373:1 indicates that he did indeed attend the Mormon church but listed membership status as uncertain; the key lies in the word Reorganized, a distinctly separate group which had split from the main body] and the funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Durham, of Pleasant Hill, La., who preached the funeral services to a large crowd of friends at the home of his son, J.H., where he had made his home for the past ten months. The burial was in a cemetery near his home. He made many friends wherever he lived and will be kindly remembered by many Chatsworth people. Editor's Note: There is a slight conflict in the preceding obituary. It is stated that Orin died in Zwolle, La., and that he died at the home of his son who is listed as living in Mitchell, Louisiana. A conversation with Letha Linn yielded the answer (see source 01365); the Linn family lived on a farm about 10 miles out of Zwolle toward Pleasant Hill, which by consulting the map, could be interpreted as living near Mitchell. Letha Linn made clear that they didn't reside in Mitchell. Incidentally, he is buried in the cemetery with many relatives of his daughter in law, Letha Shirley Linn, family names such as Quarles and Shirley (00839:5). __________________________Further Research Required Letha Linn was quite sure of herself as she relayed the story about his second marriage and separation (00840). An important piece of corroborating evidence is source 01370:2, an old family photo post card mailed to Mr. and Mrs. Orin P. Linn, Zwolle, La. and dated April 1st, 1915. The note on the photo post card reads: "Dear Brother + Sister this leaves us as well as usual hope to find you all well How are the boys and how do you like your new home write soon with love to all From Fred and Ida [Reynolds]." The question is simply: what was the name of his second wife?

Orin Parkhurst Linn and Sara Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Robb had the following children:

child + 308 i. Edith J.5 Linn was born April 7, 1889.

child + 309 ii. James Hazel Linn was born August 23, 1895.

child 310 iii. Mitchel Linn(1019) was born in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL November 15, 1898.(1020) Mitchel died August 27, 1900 at 1 year of age.(1021) His body was interred August 1900 in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL.(1022) He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co., ILL, June 19, 1900.(1023) ____________Additional Census Information 1900 lists him as a white male and son to the head of household. He was born in Illinois in November of 1898 and is listed as age 1. His father was born in Illinois and his mother was born in Missouri. (01427)

child 311 iv. Calvin Robb Linn(1024) was born in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL January 11, 1904. Calvin died February 20, 1967 in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, at 63 years of age. His body was interred February 22, 1967 in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA. Calvin was listed as a son in Orin Parkhurst Linn's household on the 1910 Census in Union Twp., Ringgold Co., IA.(1025) Calvin resided in Ross, Iowa in January of 1926 (01365). He is buried in Memorial Gardens (01747). -- Should be Highland Memory Gardens - check source 01747.

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