309. James Hazel5 Linn (Orin Parkhurst4, James Harr3, Thomas2, Andrew1)(1908) was born in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL August 23, 1895.(1909) Hazel died January 28, 1973 of Bronchopneumonia in the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, at 77 years of age.(1910) His body was interred January 30, 1973 in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, Highland Memory Gardens.(1911)

He married Letha Calldonia Shirley in DeRidder, ukn Co., Lousiana, February 27, 1917.(1912) Letha was born in Victoria, unk Co, LA January 28, 1897.(1913) Letha was the daughter of John Wesley Shirley Jr and Ella Calldonia "Callie" Quarles. Letha died April 21, 1998 of colon cancer at the Bishop Drumm Care Center in Johnston, Polk Co., Iowa, at 101 years of age.(1914) Her body was interred April 1998 in Des Moines, Polk Co. IA, Highland Memory Gardens.(1915) Letha's occupation: Dietician.(1916) She was a student est 1913. School: school unknown.(1917) She moved 1929 in Iowa.(1918) Letha's occupation: commissary worker in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA, Fall of 1946.(1919) Letha, as James Hazel Linn's wife, resided with him at 1617 33rd Street, in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA January 1973.(1920) She resided in Johnston, Polk Co., Iowa Jan 1990, 5921 Winwood Dr. Apt 316 50311. She resided in Johnston, Polk Co., Iowa January 1997, 5837 Winwood Dr. #303 Zip 50131.(1921) She attended a meeting in West Des Moines, Iowa, January 26, 1997.(1922) She attended a meeting in University Park Holiday Inn, May 19, 1997.(1923) She resided in Johnston, Polk Co., Iowa April 1998, 5837 Winwood Drive.(1924) When thinking of this lady, words like determined, loyal, hardworking, caring and loving come to the mind of her family members. Family is very important in her life. Her son Eldon remembers that she was always there for her children. Letha Linn cares a great deal about other people and often shares positive words of encouragement. Letha was baptized in the 1930s even though she had been in church all of her life; her grandparents raised her in a Christian home where family Bible reading and prayer were normal (01372:2). She went to live with her Grandma and Grandpa Quarles at three years of age when her brother was born. She ended up staying on and on occasion went home to visit her parents. It was her grandparents that raised Letha and her sister Irene. She was a tom-boy who loved the out-of-doors. She did not like keeping house or cooking (unusual considering her house was always immaculate and her cooking the praise of the family). She never worried about tomorrow as a child and took one day at a time - optomisitic. She was raised like a lady and dressed properly; which meant, completely covered. Letha had a lot of girlfriends and was close to 2 of her teachers. She attended the country school through the eight grade and had the opportunity to live in town with one of her uncles so she could attend Zwolle [Louisiana] High School for grades nine and ten. Letha's grandmother (who raised her) became ill after her tenth grade year and she found herself unable to return to town, choosing instead to provide the much needed care her grandmother required. (01371:2) Letha was very talented with her hands and could make many types of decorations for the wall; some of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen were hand made by this women. She did them in both patch work and crocheing. On Friday, March 23, 1945 she participated in an event related to school and received the following note (01366:1&2). Respectfully submitted to, "cooks" Scott and Linn, by teacher, cake eater and mouse receiver Van Anne. Thanks to poetess Rose Tyleman [editor's note: uncertain of first letter] I have found words to express my utmost gratitude and deep appreciation for your token of remembrance presented me on Friday last, March 23, 1945, the year of our Lord. My verbal thanks given on that day were slight of my heartfelt emotion. I hereby dedicate the following lines to you Letha Linn and Gladys Scott. _______________________________Mice I think mice Are rather nice. Their tails are long, Their faces small, They haven't any Chins at all. Their ears are pink, Their teeth are white, They run about The house as might. They nibble things They shouldn't touch And no one seems To like them much. But I think mice are nice. She has never been one to complain though she often had reason to; her life has been one of struggle. Both she and her husband worried a great deal about their son Jean when he fought in the Korean War but said little to those around them. Letha was bothered by Beverly's leaving Jean while he was in Korea but was not one to take any action to aggrevate the situation; she knew that she must accept things as they were. How many times she told me that we must accept things and not let out circumstances deny us happiness. This philosophy was put to the test when Jean's second wife, Joanne, died of cancer; this dealt her a hard yet not demoralizing blow. Letha Linn had to face her own battle with cancer during the mid 1960s. At that time, cancer was very often followed by death; at least, she shared with me that on her mind was the possibility that she might die. Unlike her daughter in law, she lived. Years later she had this observation. Women past "the change of life" were less likely to survive breast cancer; it seemed that younger women faired better. Her 90th birthday party was something special for the family. Source 01368 reads as follows. Birthday Open House Please join the family and friends of Letha Linn to celebrate the 90th birthday Sunday, January 25, 1987 2:00-4:00 p.m. Westover Baptist Church 2330 - 62nd Street Des Moines, Iowa Margie Dawson, Jean Linn, Eldon Linn. Her birthday is the 28th but the celebration was the 25th. Until the age of 93 (nearly to the day) she kept up her house on 33rd street in Des Moines. Following the sale of that home she moved into an apartment in Johnston (a suburb adjoining Des Moines on the north side). Her favorite saying must have been "gotta keep on going!" No question, this lady has lived a long rewarding life largely because she never has seen a reason to stop living. Asked her for one piece of advice on or about her 94th birthday, this was it: "Think positive, don't worry about tomorrow but prepare for the year ahead .. (pause).. we must be prepared to meet the Lord." We must not live on regrets, but start each day anew. Mrs. Linn enjoyed her apartment for about five years before she felt it was necessary to move to the nursing home part of the facility in the summer of 1995. Arthritis had reduced her mobility to where she was finding it difficult to keep up her apartment, even with some help. The important thing is that it was her decision. Due to the arthritis, she had been unable to easily access the bathtub in her apartment; however, the nursing facility maintained a bath unit easily accessible to her, which she quickly came to enjoy using! After all, there is nothing like a nice hot, soothing bath, no matter one's age. In either the spring of 1992 or 1993, Letha Linn met Kathleen Diamond. Mrs. Diamond owned Language Learning Enterprises for which Letha's grandson Brian was employed as controller. Mrs. Diamond was speaking in Des Moines and her topic was related to women in history; it was, therefore, special to have Mrs. Linn in the audience as a guest, since she was twice the age of anyone else! Mrs. Diamond and Mrs. Linn forged a rather unique acquaintance and mutual respect out of this meeting. Based on this backdrop, for Christmas, 1995, Brian Linn received a package and associated note (written in Brian's Christmas card). "pkg on the way for your boss. I didn't gift wrap it. best to open see if they are in good shape. Hope she likes them." (source: 01277) Mrs. Linn had hand made four elves out of wooden blocks, each with a letter on the front, which together, spelled NOEL. Brian examined as requested and then gift wrapped the items and presented them to his boss, Mrs. Diamond, at the company's annual gift exchange. Kathleen Diamond truly appreciated this gift and sent Letha Linn a note expressing her feelings. At nearly 99 years of age, Letha Linn still enjoyed people and clearly demonstrated her intention to live life to the fullest. When Brian telephoned her one day, she was in the process of making a baby afgan at the request of her daughter-in-law Kathy (presumably for a future grandchild to be born to Kathy's daughter Heather) and working on some hand crafts. She commented during the same conversation that she no longer had room for a Christmas tree (no small artificial trees for her, only the real thing is acceptable) but had found room in the spring of 1996 for an Easter tree [presumably artificial, Brian supposes that she's not so pure when it comes to non-Christmas trees]. (01369:1). The winter of 1995/1996 brought lots of snow which Letha Linn really likes. She commented to those at the home that she surely would enjoy going out to play in the snow and make a snow man. Naturally, most suggested she was crazy at her age to desire such playful things: her reply was much as those of us who know her have come to expect: "You're only as old as you feel!" (01369:2) Letha Linn currently resides at Winwood Drive in Johnston, Iowa and her telephone number is (515) 276-6272.

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Charlotte, Livingston Co, ILL, June 19, 1900.(1925) Hazel was listed as a son in Orin Parkhurst Linn's household on the 1910 Census in Union Twp., Ringgold Co., IA.(1926) Hazel's occupation: occupation unknown in Sabine Parish, Louisiana, September 1917.(1927) Hazel served in the military in Many, Sabine Parish, LA, Sep 19, 1917 - May 2, 1918.(1928) He resided in Audubon Co., IA Fall 1929.(1929) Hazel's occupation: farm hand in Audubon Co., IA, Spring 1930.(1930) He resided in Coon Rapids, Carroll Co., IA Fall 1930.(1931) Hazel's occupation: manager in Coon Rapids, Carroll Co., IA, Fall 1930.(1932) He resided in Audubon Co., IA 1931, 1 mile north of Viola Center.(1933) He resided in Audubon Co., IA 1932.(1934) Hazel's occupation: occupation unknown in Audubon Co., IA, circa 1933.(1935) He resided in Viola Township, Audubon Co., IA as of April 1934, 3/4 mile north of Viola Center.(1936) Hazel's occupation: occupation unknown circa 1935.(1937) Hazel's occupation: bus mechanic in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA, circa 1936 for the school board at its gargage.(1938) Hazel was ill as a result of an on the job injury in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA, circa 1937.(1939) Hazel's occupation: occupation unknown in Audubon Co., IA, circa 1938.(1940) He resided in Viola Township, Audubon Co., IA 1941.(1941) Hazel's occupation: handyman in Audubon Co., IA, circa 1941.(1942) He resided in Audubon Co., IA Spring 1943.(1943) He resided in Audubon Co., IA Prior April 1946.(1944) He resided in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA Fall of 1946.(1945) Hazel's occupation: custodian in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA, Fall of 1946 for the consolidated school.(1946) He resided in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA Summer 1950.(1947) Hazel's occupation: maintenance man in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, Summer of 1950 for Look Magazine.(1948) He resided in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA Summer 1952, 1617 33rd St. West.(1949) He and his wife Letha attended a party to 40th anniversary celebration for them in Early 1957.(1950) Hazel retired in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, August 1960 from Look Magazine due to reaching retirement age.(1951) Hazel was ill in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, 1961, suffering a stroke.(1952) He and his wife Letha hosted a party to celebrate 50 years of marriage in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, February 19, 1967 at their home on 1617 33rd Street.(1953) He resided with his wife, Letha Calldonia Shirley, in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA January 1973, at 1617 33rd Street.(1954) ________________________Additional Census Information 1900 lists Hazel as white male and son to the head of household. He is noted as being born in Illinois in August of 1894 [editor's note: actually 1895, the 94 is more of a splotch than a number, which makes it look as if attempts at correction were made] and was age 5 at time of enumeration. His father was born in Illinois and his mother was born in Missouri. (01427) James Hazel was Harr Linn's favorite grandson. They were very close and Hazel spoke often and fondly of his grandfather Harr. When his grandfather died his gold watch went to Hazel and upon the death of James Hazel Linn the watch was presented to his eldest son, Jean Allen Linn. He met his wife to be, Letha, perhaps 2-3 years after his family moved to LA. [Note: it was probably more like 12-18 months based on the Obituary of Orin, which concluded that the family moved to Louisiana in about 1915.] She came to church where they were going and he asked her for a date after one evening service. Hazel was baptized shortly after they met (01372:2). They dated about a year and a half before marriage. He proposed to Letha on a Wednesday night. They were driving a horse and buggy (the horse was named Daisy) and he put his arm around her and simply asked if she wanted to marry him! She didn't say yes that night, she thought about it for a few days until the weekend. This happened in October of 1916. In February of 1917 they had planned a small wedding at the home of Letha's grandparents, Steve and Dora Quarles. Her grandfather stood up with her because her father was unable to attend. Her dad worked near Shreveport, which she estimated to be about 125 miles from DeRidder, and couldn't really get away. Letha had told her dad that it would be alright if he couldn't make it. As a matter of fact, her father met Hazel for the first time about six months after they married when he came to visit during the following summer. (01397:1) On the 19th of September 1917 Hazel was drafted by the army. After eight months he required surgery on his left ear and received a medical discharge. He worked at a mill, likely near Pleasant Hill, for about five years or so between the Army and moving to Iowa (01397:1). One special thing he liked to do with Letha was travel. Though much enjoyed, the travels were relatively modest, in keeping with financial resources. He often took Letha out to breakfast at some country place. In later years, Letha and Hazel really enjoyed going to Sunday school and church together. He loved going to Washington D.C. and seeing his son Eldon while there. He also liked gardening. He was a jokester who enjoyed cutting up, teasing and ribbing those around him. When he and his family lived at the teacherage (after leaving the farm but not the country way of life and prior to moving to North Acres) he would entertain the teachers who thoroughly enjoyed it! James Linn, or Hazel as we was known, was respected by his close knit family. His children knew that their hard working father would do whatever was required to care for his family. He was a skilled and accomplished craftsman. Lacking financial resources, Hazel would make his sons bicycles from old parts he acquired and welded together. Eldon Linn stated that he and his brother probably failed to fully appreciate this type of provision from their father. He lived by his rule of thumb "pay as you go." Years after his son had graduated Drake University, Eldon learned that Hazel and his wife had purchased their house on 33rd street to faciliate Eldon's college education. Drake is less than one mile from the house on 33rd street and within easy walking distance. With no money to provide their son dorm housing or transporation to and from a college, Hazel managed to meet this need. James Hazel Linn was fascinated with electric razors and had quite a collection by the time he died. Perhaps he was intrigued by the electricity or maybe by the tiny blades themselves. During his years in the country, Hazel had sharpened nearly every type of implement that had an edge. The cross-cut saws were very difficult. Sometimes he would work for an hour on only one saw and charge as little as 50 cents. Nearing the end of his life he had trouble with his heart. In late 1961 Hazel had driven to the post office to mail some Christmas packages and suffered a stroke upon getting out of his car to enter the building. A kindly person passing by assisted him back into his car, the packages not mailed. He drove only once after that, accompanied by his son Jean. The stroke effected his right hand and arm, causing him to lose a little bit of the dexterity he'd counted upon all his life while working in his shop. About four years after the stroke, his mind started to wander and his memory began to fail. Letha stated that he weakened slowly over the years after his stroke and was quick to point out that he cared for himself until the last six months of his life. He had been in the Methodist hospital more than once those last years, however, two weeks prior to his death he entered the Veterans hospital; Letha could simply no longer care for him herself. While his passing resulted from a failure of his heart, it can be safely stated that he also lived life with a lot of heart! As a note separate from the above, Hazel had a cousin on the Robb side the family often stayed with while visiting Illinois (00785). James was listed as living in Mitchell, Louisiana at the time his father died in January of 1926 (01365). See the obituary for Orin Linn for more on Mitchell versus Zwolle. Source 01367 provides the following tribute. _______________________The United States of America ___________________________honors the memory of ______________________________James H. Linn ________________This certificate is awarded by a grateful ___________________nation in recognition of devoted and ___________________selfless consecration to the service ____________________of our country in the Armed Forces ____________________________of the United States ______________________________Richard Nixon ______________________President of the United States

James Hazel Linn and Letha Calldonia Shirley had the following children:

child 559 i. Infant6 Linn(1955) was born in Pleasant Hill, unk Co, LA November 29, 1918. Infant died December 4, 1918 in Pleasant Hill, unk Co, LA, at less than one year of age. His body was interred in Zwolle, Sabine Parish, LA.(1956) ___________________Further Research The birth/death date of this baby is uncertain. Letha is clear that the child was born a few days before the death of her eldest sister Daisy, which she stated as December 16, 1918. Therefore, December 4 is reasonable. However, during one conversation (source 01397:1) she indicated that Daisy had died on the 4th and that the child had been born in late November. Source 01410:1 reads as follows: "Just a note with one bit of information. In a Bible here I found that the infant son was born to James H. and Letha Linn 11-29-1918, died 12-4-1918." This source confirms source 01397:1 in so far as the baby's birth and death dates are concerned.

child 560 ii. James Hazel Linn Jr(1957) was born in Pleasant Hill, unk Co, LA June 5, 1920. James died November 17, 1927 at 7 years of age. His body was interred in Zwolle, Sabine Parish, LA.(1958) James' mother Letha is certain about his birth and death dates but not certain about where each occurred (00840).

child + 561 iii. Margie Linn was born October 25, 1924.

child + 562 iv. Jean Allen Linn was born April 30, 1931.

child + 563 v. Eldon Robb Linn was born April 25, 1934.

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