563. Eldon Robb6 Linn (James Hazel5, Orin Parkhurst4, James Harr3, Thomas2, Andrew1) was born in Viola Township, Audubon Co, IA April 25, 1934.

He married Arlene Mae Stoll in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, January 28, 1956. Arlene was born in Bondurant, Polk Co., IA May 17, 1937. Arlene is the daughter of Otto Eugene Stoll and Opal Violet McIntosh. She resides in Falls Church, City, VA. Arlene's occupation: Homemaker. She was baptized in Bondurant, Polk Co., IA, February 13, 1949. Religion: religion unknown. She became engaged to Eldon Robb Linn in Bondurant, Polk Co., IA, April 29, 1955. Arlene graduated in Bondurant, Polk Co., IA, May 19, 1955. Institution: institution unknown. Arlene was born, like her siblings, at home on the family farm and she remained there until her marriage to Eldon. Her mother was a hard working woman for whom pregnancy brought only a marginal relief from the regular business of farm life; the day prior to Arlene's birth, her mother was helping Otto Stoll in the corn field. As a child, she enjoyed reading and playing with dolls but found mathematical things to be distasteful. Two big brothers and a twin sister ensured that boredom never visited! When Arlene was about 12 years of age, she became a Christian during an evangalistic meeting held at the Federated Church in Bondurant, where she was also baptized. She attended Saylorville Baptist (General Assn. of Regular Baptists) Church with her brother Lee during her high school years and enjoyed the young people's group. It was at Saylorville that she would meet her future husband. Bondurant High School had four sports in which to participate: football, baseball, basketball and girls basketball. Arlene played four years of varsity basketball and lettered three of those years. One season brought her team to the state tournament only to lose in the first round. She played foward while her twin played guard. Her parents allowed her to date when she turned 16 but that did not prevent her from having a crush on a fellow named Roger during 8th and 9th grade. He did become her first boyfriend and she dated him through the 10th grade. A young man who attended Saylorville by the name of Don Palmer then caught her eye and they dated for perhaps 6 months. Arlene, not yet 17, and Eldon began what became a permanent relationship in the Spring of 1954. _______________________________LIFE ON THE FARM As a young child, Arlene would watch her father plant corn with a planter (probably a McCormick) drawn by two draft horses. Before she was very old however, her father purchased the family's first tractor: a Farmall. Water was obtained from a well (25 yards south of the house ) which had to be closed due to excessive iron content. A new well was drilled nearer to the house (which, at this writing still serves the house). The farmhouse had indoor plumbing but an outhouse was kept in reserve in the event of a plumbing failure. Arlene grew up with electricty in her home albeit from 10-12 batteries located under the living room in the basement; she recalled that it was referred to as DC. Chores seemed never ending on a farm. She would walk both beans and corn to remove weeds. Naturally, when it was time to harvest sweet corn, shucking was just another chore to be done. When her family did have chickens, Arlene would often be called upon to gather the eggs. The family had cattle that would often have to be moved from one field to another. All family members would participate in an effort to encourage an animal weighing between 400 and 900 pounds to move in the direction indicated by a comparitively frail human being! After Otto Stoll bought another farm 4 miles west and within sight of the original farm, the family would often shuttle the cattle between farms. This was accomplished by directing the animals into the ditch between the gravel road and field fences. Arlene recalled that the route used was the north road. Arlene would help with the laundry: hanging clothes on the line as a child and perhaps operating the ringer as she grew older. An electric agitator was used in conjunction with a hand ringer. Lawn cutting was done with a hand mower. Cleaning was another chore with which she and her sister were expected to help. There was plenty of cleaning to be done after one tornado blew through. Arlene and her sister Estelene were taking a nap when they were suddenly awaken by their older brothers; the family hustled into the cave cellar to wait it out. Fortunately, there was no structural damage to the house but all windows were broken, curtains torn and water was everywhere. When her parents were out square dancing, Arlene would go to her grandmother Stolls. The house had a wood burning stove and kerosene lights. She recalled how primative she believed this house to be in comparison to her own with electricty and a bottle gas stove. Church, school and home comprised her life. Things unrelated to these three were most unusual; even World War II seemed far removed during her childhood. Granted Arlene was only 7 at the war's end but could only vaguely remember her parents going for rations at the high school. Life on an Iowa farm at that time was straightforward and lacked the complications and pressures that would face the generation of her own children.

He was a student in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA, Fall of 1939. School: Viola Consolidated completing kindergarten & first grade.(3041) He was a student in Audubon Co., IA, Fall of 1941. School: school unknown.(3042) He was a student in Viola Center, Audubon Co., IA, 1943. School: Vioal Consolidated completing grades four through ten.(3043) He graduated from high school in Polk Co., Iowa, June 1952. School: Woodside with a diploma.(3044) He was baptized in Saylorville, Polk Co., IA. Religion: religion unknown. He became engaged to Arlene Mae Stoll in Bondurant, Polk Co., IA, April 29, 1955. Eldon graduated in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, June 4, 1956. Institution: Drake University. Eldon's occupation: occupation unknown in Chicago, Illinois, Summer 1956. Eldon reported for active duty September 1956. Eldon's occupation: Actuary in Washington, DC, 1958.(3045) Eldon was a Cherrydale Baptist Church member in Arlington Co., VA, 1958.(3046) Eldon served in the military in Washington, DC, May 13, 1960.(3047) He bought property (235 Kent Street) in Falls Church, Virginia, August 1960.(3048) Eldon's occupation: Actuary in Washington, DC, February 1981. He bought property (900 N. Stafford Street, Unit 222) in Arlington Co., VA, June 1990. He attended a meeting in Arlington Co., VA, June 14, 1997.(3049) He resides in Arlington Co., VA June 1997, 900 N. Stafford Street.

Eldon Robb Linn and Arlene Mae Stoll had the following children:

child 850 i. Brian Jay7 Linn was born in Washington, D.C. October 13, 1962. He married Joyce Annette Cobb in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, October 25, 1997. Joyce was born in Topeka, Kansas November 9, 1967. Joyce is the daughter of Gary Duane Cobb and Ruby Roxine Lollar. She graduated from high school in Richmond, Ray Co., Missouri, Jun 1986. School: Richmond R16. She was a student in Bolivar, Missouri, August 1986. School: Southwest Baptist University. Joyce's occupation: Nanny in McLean, VA, January 1994. She became engaged to Brian Jay Linn in Arlington Co., VA, June 22, 1997.

At less than one year of age Brian was adopted in Fairfax Co., VA, February 6, 1963. Brian's occupation: Various Jobs in Falls Church, VA, Summer 1974. He was baptized at the Cherrydale Baptist Church in Arlington Co., VA, November 2, 1975. Religion: Protestant. Brian was a Cherrydale Baptist Church member in Arlington Co., VA, November 1975. He graduated from high school in Falls Church, Virginia, June, 1981. School: George Mason Jr. Sr. High School. Brian traveled in New York, New York Co., NY, to see some Broadway Shows in Spring 1981. He was conveyed to and from New York by Airplane. Brian was ill in Falls Church, VA, August 1981 with Mononucleosis. Brian's occupation: occupation unknown in Fairfax Virginia, Summer 1982. He was a student in Innsbruck, Austria, August 1982. School: International String Workshop. He became engaged to Lorriane Niguidula in Arlington, VA, April 1983. Brian's occupation: Flower Delievery Driver in Falls Church, Virginia, Summer 1983. Brian's occupation: Teller in Washington, DC, Summer 1984. Brian's occupation: Teller in Washington, DC, Summer 1985. Brian graduated in Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., VA, June 14, 1986. Institution: Virginia Tech. Brian's occupation: Business Managment in Tysons Corner, Vienna, Virginia, August, 1986. He became engaged to Teresa "Terri" Lynn Rich in Falls Church, VA, June 1987. He became engaged to Garland Stinson in MD, May 1989. Brian's occupation: Controller in Washington, DC, October 21, 1991. He received a mortgage in Arlington Co., VA, September, 1993. He resides in Arlington Co., VA January 1997, 1276 N. Wayne Street, Unit 421. He became engaged to Joyce Annette Cobb in Arlington Co., VA, June 22, 1997. It should be quite clear to the reader that Brian is also very interested in genealogy! The study of one's family history is like a real-life detective game: complete with clues and unsolved mysteries.

child 851 ii. Brenda Kay Linn was born in Fairfax Co, VA May 2, 1965. She married twice. She married Jimmy Cavanaugh in Fairfax Co, VA, June 20, 1983. Jimmy was born October 31, 1959. Jimmy was divorced from Brenda Kay Linn in Fairfax Co, VA, March 3, 1987. She married Eddie Byron Funderburk in Mt. Gilead, Montgomery Co., N.C., October 9, 1993.(3050) Eddie was born in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. May 17, 1958. Eddie(3051) is the son of Frank Funderburk Jr. and Geraldine Hargette. Eddie's occupation: Real Estate. He was baptized in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.. Religion: religion unknown. Eddie graduated in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., August 1986. Institution: institution unknown. He became engaged to Brenda Kay Linn in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., May 1993. He resides in Charlotte, Mechlenberg Co., N.C. January 1997. Ed was born at the Presbyterian Hospital. He was baptized at St. John's United Methodist Church. Ed graduated from UNCC (University of North Carolina Charlotte) and holds a B.A. in Business Administration. (01119)

Brenda's occupation: Accounting. At less than one year of age Brenda was adopted in Fairfax Co, VA, August 18, 1965. She was baptized in Arlington Co., VA, November 2, 1975. Religion: religion unknown. Brenda was divorced from Jimmy Cavanaugh in Fairfax Co, VA, March 3, 1987. She became engaged to Eddie Byron Funderburk in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., May 1993. Brenda graduated in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 25, 1995. Institution: institution unknown.(3052) She resides in Charlotte, NC January 1997. Brenda was adopted at four months of age from the Fairfax Adoption Agency. She and her brother were close growing up and were even baptized together at the Cherrydale Baptist Church by Pastor Al Jackson. Brenda chose to pursue ice skating as a child and became quite good at it. She took lessons at the Village House (a local rink in Falls Church) and entered several competitions held there. In fact, she remains a good skater and skates when she has time. In the spring of 1995, Brenda graduated from two, two-year schools. One was Northern Virginia Community College and the second was Central Piedmont Community College. The invitation to the second read "The Graduating Class, Trustees, Faculty and Administration of Central Peidmont Community College request the honor of your presence at The Commencement Exercises Thursday, May twenty-fifth nineteen hundred ninety-five at seven in the evening Independence Arena 2700 East Independence Boulevard Charlotte, North Carolina Reception will follow the ceremony" (source 01278). Brenda and Ed were married by the Reverend Jerry Phillips at the Hamer Creek Baptist Church (001119). Brenda's parents, husband, and brother attended the Northern Virginia Community College graduation ceremony. The speaker was Dr. Walter Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University. Not unexpectedly, Dr. Williams spoke on the importance of understanding and maintaining liberty, and the value of self-reliance. It was a fine speech and a reminder of why the study of true history (not interpreted by the student's society's leanings) is so very important. Brenda and Ed separated in February of 1996

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