58. Francis Mills3 Linn (Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(637) was born November 1843.(638) Francis died October 21, 1919 at 75 years of age. His body was interred After October 21, 1919 in Beech Creek, PA, Hays-Fearon.(639)

He married La Frances P. Kunes October 6, 1869.(640) La was born September 15, 1843.(641) La(642) was the daughter of Daniel Kunes and Mary Bechdel. La died September 2, 1900 in State College, at 56 years of age.(643) Her body was interred September 1900 in Beech Creek, PA, Hays-Fearon.(644) From information contained in the Lingle file (00838:31), LaFrances may have gone by Fannie. This is consistent with the Johnstonbaugh files (00947:6 & 01409:8). She is buried in the Hays-Fearon Cemetery (00846 & 01409:8). Of note is that her husband's name is misspelled on her tombstone, Frances vs. Francis.(645) Mills as born in November of 1843 but the specific day in unreadable on the tombstone (00846). Francis went by his middle name of Mills and (as noted by Harry Lingle) was named for the Methodist Minister Francis Mills. He served in Company G 203 Pennsylvania Infantry from 1861-1865. This writer discovered his military service upon a visit to the Hays-Fearon Cemetery, wherein Mills is buried. In addition, he was enumerated in the 1890 census of Civil War veterans which noted each soldier's rank, branch, regiment & company, enlistment and discharge dates (00853:132). Francis Mills Linn and his wife Frances Kunes Linn were a new family to Beech Creek in the 1860s (00853:114) In 1910, Mary Stover Kunes, widow of James Kunes was keeping house for widower F. Mills Linn (00838:32). A number of headstones, including some Linns, in Beech Creek have little metal stars in the ground beside them with the letters GAR (00846). The letters stand for the Grand Army of the Republic, which was organized in Blanchard by Civil War veterans following that war (00853:95). Another organization to which he and his wife belonged was the M.E. Church (01409:8). Francis Mills died at Lock Haven Hospital (01409:8). ____________________________A Research Opportunity Perhaps during a future visit to the area cemeteries, Brian Linn will have an opportunity to confirm which Linns were members of the GAR. __________________________For Additional Information 1) The Clinton Republican of September 5, 1900, 2) a marriage reference in Bellfonte National of October 22, 1869 (Bellfonte Library, Bellefonte, PA) (01409:8), 3) the 1880 census, family #9, 4) the Democratic Watchman issue of September 20, 1907, and 5) the Lock Haven Express of September 18, 1907 (01409:16).

Francis Mills Linn and La Frances P. Kunes had the following children:

child 205 i. Florence 'Floy'4 Linn(646). Florence died 1909. Floy received a souvenir card from her teacher, Ira E. Cowling, at the Hubbard School in Beech Creek. The card noted a term of 120 days and was awarded to each of his students during 1898-1899 school year. (00853:127). According to source 00838:31, she may have married by the surname of Myers but is buried as Floy Linn. ____________________For Additional Information See the obituaries in the Clinton Republican of December 29, 1909 [somewhere in the course of this research Brian Linn came across this reference and it may be for her]. _____________________Further Research Required It should be noted that Johnstonbaugh's 00947:6 and 01409:16 indicate the youngest child of Francis Mills and Fannie Linn was Floyd A. Linn with no mention of Floy. It seems unlikely that these are two different people considering the first four letters of each name are the same. Brian Linn believes that Floyd A. Linn is really Floy Linn and that 00947:6 and 01409:16 are in error; however, a look at Mr. Johnstonbaugh's source material is in order prior to drawing a final conclusion.

child 206 ii. Grace Linn(647) was born May 21, 1870.(648) Grace died August 11, 1870 at less than one year of age.(649) Her body was interred in Clinton Co., PA.(650)

She died at the age of 2 months and 25 days and is buried in the Hays-Fearon Cemetery (00846). _____________________Further Research Required Source 00947:6 differs with regard to the death date. Source 00846 notes a date of August 11 while the aforementioned source lists August 15.

child + 207 iii. Ellery Thomas Linn was born January 7, 1874.

child 208 iv. William Clayton Linn(651) was born September 19, 1880.(652) William died September 13, 1907 at 26 years of age.(653) His body was interred Sept 1907 in Beech Creek, PA, Hays-Fearon.(654) He married Minerva I. Mapes October 10, 1906.(655) Minerva was born October 8, 1883.(656) Minerva(657) was the daughter of David Mapes and Isabella Reed. Minerva died June 30, 1909 at 25 years of age.(658) Her body was interred After June 30, 1909 in Beech Creek, PA, Hays-Fearon.(659) He apparently preferred to be known by his middle name of Clayton (evidenced by 00838:31). He and his wife were married by the Reverend Lewis E. Brown. Clayton died from Typhoid Fever and is buried with his wife in the Hays-Fearon Cemetery. (01409:16) ____________________For Additional Information See the Clinton Republican of September 18, 1907 and the issue of October 17, 1906 (01409:16).

child 209 v. Amanda Flora Linn(660) was born January 2, 1887.(661) Amanda died December 26, 1909 at 22 years of age.(662) Her body was interred After December 26, 1909 in Beech Creek, PA, Hays-Fearon.(663) Amanda is buried in the Hays-Fearon Cemetery (00846).

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