61. Joseph 'Brittain'3 Linn (Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(683) was born in Beech Creek, PA July 3, 1850. Joseph died April 16, 1927 in Beech Creek, PA, at 76 years of age. His body was interred Aft April 16, 1927 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(684)

He married Mary E. Williams in Milesburg, Centre Co., PA, May 7, 1876.(685) Mary was born in Beech Creek, PA October 8, 1852.(686) Mary(687) was the daughter of John Williams and Rebecca Bechdel. Mary died September 30, 1910 at 57 years of age. Her body was interred Aft September 30, 1910 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(688) Their marriage was performed by William A. Biggart, Pastor, and the attendants were Judson Webb and Phoebe Malone. The groom hailed from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania while the bride was from Eagleville, Pennsylvania. This information comes from source 00838:38, which appears to be copy of a page in the family Bible; it is noteworthy, however, that the page was completed long after the fact in that the pre-printed year was '19__' and in the blank was written 1876. How long after the fact and by whom are uncertain; however, handwriting identical to that found on the marriage page is found on other pages and the latest date entered by the same hand was 30 September 1910 (00838:37). __________________________For Additional Information See the Obituary in the Clinton Republican of October 5, 1910 (00838:35).

Joseph and his wife Mary were another in a long list of new families to Beech Creek during the 1870s (00853:115). Both Joseph and Mary are buried in the Clark Cemetery (00838:34 & 01409:9). ___________________________________Note Source 00947:7 spells his name Britton instead of Brittain; however, this writer has chosen the spelling Brittain from source 01409:9 (the latter being a later and more robust version of Mr. Johnstonbaugh's work). __________________________Further Research Required Sources 00836:5 and 00838:34 indicate the 27th for day of death while sources 00947:7 and 01409:9 indicate the 16th. Perhaps the day was mixed up with the the year, '27.

Joseph 'Brittain' Linn and Mary E. Williams had the following children:

child 218 i. Blanche E.4 Linn(689) was born in Beech Creek, PA September 24, 1878.(690) Blanche died March 13, 1901 at 22 years of age. Her body was interred March 1901 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(691)

Statement of a Conflict Sources 01409:17 and 00947:7 indicate that she was born on September 6, 1878; however, that doesn't agree with her age at death when it is subracted from her death date. Both of these sources agree with source 01757:3 on the death date.

child + 219 ii. Kelsey John Linn was born May 16, 1881.

child + 220 iii. Fountain Quay Linn was born July 26, 1883.

child 221 iv. Leroy B. Linn(692) was born in Beech Creek, PA September 16, 1885. Leroy died December 25, 1918 at 33 years of age. His body was interred Aft December 25, 1918 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(693) It is noted in Mr. Lingle's book regarding the history of Beech Creek that a Roy Linn was in attendance at the Hubbard School during the 1898-1899 term. Brian Linn is not positive that the Roy referenced in Lingle's book is the Roy above, but does believe them to be same Roy Linn. In any case, a Roy Linn received a souvenir card from the teacher, Ira E. Cowling, noting his enrollment in the 120 day school term of 1898-1899. (00853:127)

Resolved Conflict

According to source 00838:37, his death year was 1919; however, sources 00838:34 and 01409:17 each indicate 1918. The 1918 date was confirmed by Brian J. Linn on his visit to Clark cemetery.(694)

child 222 v. Maud S. Linn(695) was born in Beech Creek, PA December 22, 1888.(696) Maud died March 27, 1891 in Beech Creek, PA, at 2 years of age.(697) Her body was interred Aft March 27, 1891 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(698)

Resolved Conflict

Sources 00838:34 & 36, 00947:8, and 01409:17 each have birth and death dates inconsistent with the tombstone, which lists her date as March 27, 1891 and her age at death as 2 years, 3 months. and 5 days. (699)

Further Research Required

The three sources noted immediately above, indicate that her name was Maud while her tombstone reads Maudie. Was Maudie her legal name or was Maud?

child + 223 vi. Grace L. Linn was born January 5, 1893.

child + 224 vii. Jennie Marie Linn was born August 8, 1895.

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