43. Joseph M.3 Linn (James A.2, Andrew1)(508) was born July 23, 1835.(509) Joseph died November 3, 1901 in Beech Creek, PA, at 66 years of age. His body was interred November 1901 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(510)

He married Martha 'Jane' Baker.(511) Martha was born June 1837. (Additional notes for Martha 'Jane' Baker(512)) Martha died December 20, 1908 at 71 years of age. Her body was interred 1908 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(513)

Resolved Conflict

Sources 00947:1 and 01409:7 note the birth year as circa 1838 while source 00838:47 states not so clearly 1837 (handwriting being difficult to read) and quite clearly June for the month. None of these sources has any mention of a day. So far as the year is concerned, her tombstone indictes 1837 (01757:3).

Further Research Required

There is a conflict in the death month between sources. Both 00947:1 and 01409:7 indicate the month to be October while source 00838:47 indicates the month to be December.

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Bald Eagle, Clinton Co., PA, 1840.(514) Joseph was a GAR Co. C, 207 PA Regt. member est 1863.(515) ________________________Additional Census Information 1840 list him as age group 5-10 years (01431). Joseph's obituary in Centre Democrat on November 7, 1901. His death was also listed in the Clinton Republican on November 6, 1901 and Clinton Democrat on November 4, 1901. Joseph was a fife and drum major in the Civil War. In 1900, a granddaughter, Frances Linn who was born in November of 1892 was living with Joseph and Martha Linn in Beech Creek Borough. Frances was the daughter of Mary. (00838:47,48,49) During the 1870's he fashioned axe handles in his shop in the western part of Beech Creek (00853:39). A special census of Civil War veterans was taken in 1890 and included three Linns from Beech Creek including Joseph M. Linn. Each soldier's rank, branch, regiment & company, enlistment and discharge dates are enumerated. (00853:132) __________________________For Additional Information Source 01409:7 indicates that a work entitled "Linn's History" lists his army record on page 509. See the 1880 census which lists his family as #10 with 7 children (01409:13). See the 1900 census which lists the Joseph Linn family as having a daughter Laura G and a grandson Francis Linn (see further research) born November of 1892 (01409:13).

Conflict Source 00838:47 has his date of birth as August 24, 1835 while source 01757:3 lists the date as July 23, 1835. The latter date has been used herein because it comes from this writer's research instead of a secondary source.

__________________________Further Research Required The 1900 census lists a grandson Francis. The possibility that this person is the same as Mary's daughter Francee must be investigated. (See 00838:47 and 01409:13).

Joseph M. Linn and Martha 'Jane' Baker had the following children:

child 160 i. James4 Linn(516). James died after 1912. James resided in Jacobs in 1913 (00838:47).

child 161 ii. Josephine Linn(517) was born 1865. Josephine died June 1937 at 71 years of age. She married Unknwn Morton.(518) (Additional notes for Unknwn Morton(519)) ____________________Further Research Required 1) Source 00838:47 indicates that she may be buried adjacent to the Bechdels; however, it doesn't state in what cemetery or town. 2) Also, there is a question as to her being born prior to the marriage of her parents. 3) The given name of her husband needs to be determined.

Regarding question number 1. Brian Linn searched through the Church of Christ Cemetery, the Clark Cemetery and the Liberty Baptist Cemetery and didn't locate the grave. In addition, there is no Morton in the census index from 1800 - 1910 prepared by Harry and Vera Lingle. (01773:2)

child + 162 iii. George B. Linn was born circa 1866.

child 163 iv. William Linn(520) was born 1867. William died after 1912. William lived in Jacobs in 1913 (00838:47).

child + 164 v. Martha E. Linn was born October 1870.

child + 165 vi. Edward Elry Linn was born October 22, 1871.

child + 166 vii. Mary Linn was born circa 1875.

child 167 viii. Laura G. Linn(521) was born September 17, 1875. Laura died November 5, 1949 at 74 years of age.

child 168 ix. Earl Linn(522) was born 1878.

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