51. Emily J.3 Linn (James A.2, Andrew1)(589) was born circa 1852.

She married Mr. William Hendricks.(590) (Additional notes for Mr. William Hendricks(591)) Emily had a son named Harry who is referenced in the Will of James Linn (01409:14). Hugh Linn, son of Chatham recalls that one of the sisters [Emily] of his father had a husband who died young and left a son, Harry, whose full name may have been Harry Green, but was raised as Harry Linn. This boy died young and the mother remarried. (00838:25) __________________________For Additional Information See the Will of James Linn at the Lock Haven Courthouse, Lock Haven, PA (01409:14). __________________________Further Research Required The name listed on 00947:2 is Emma and not Emily as noted in 00838:23. Hugh thinks that Emily's husband was William Hendricks; Harry Lingle thinks it was David who later lived at Mill Hall, or Franklin, father of Alvie, who also likely lived at Mill Hall (00838:25). Until this matter is resloved, this work considers William to be the husband of Emily and father of Harry because of Hugh's relationship to Emily as her nephew.

Emily J. Linn and Mr. William Hendricks had the following child:

child 182 i. Harry Linn4 Hendricks(592).

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