142. Harold4 Linn (Benjamin Franklin3, Andrew2, Andrew1)(1225) was born in Council Bluffs, Pattawattamie Co, IA July 19, 1893. Harold died February 11, 1970 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ, at 76 years of age. His body was interred February 13, 1970 in Clarkdale, Yavapai Co., AZ.

He married twice. He married Elsie Violet Anderson.(1226) Elsie was born in West Superior, Wisconsin April 27, 1895. Elsie(1227) was the daughter of ?.J. Anderson and Mary Danzi. Elsie's occupation: Housewife. The birth certificate of Elsie Anderson Linn lists three siblings born prior to her: 1. David Victor, 2. Albert, 3. Josephine Edna. The entire certificate is difficult to decipher and there is more information regarding each of the three siblings which is nearly impossible to read. She was born at either 6:45 am or 6:45 pm and the attendant at the birth was L.A. Russell, M.D. who resided in West Superior. (00822)

He married Helen Naomi Hedges after 1940.(1228) Helen was born in Girard, Kent Co., TX July 15, 1925. Helen(1229) is the daughter of Reuben William Hedges. Helen's occupation: Housewife. She resided in Cottonwood, Yavapai Co., AZ July 29, 2002.(1230)

Harold participated in the R3 Citizenship event in USA. Harold's occupation: US Forest Ranger.

The delayed birth certificate of Harold Linn is signed by him and lists his current (March 18, 1948) address as Box 100, Jerome Stage, Prescott, Arizona. Supporting evidence used in the creation of the certificate included a school record (dated May 1, 1903 - Council Bluffs Iowa) and a military record (dated May 9, 1918 - ASN # 527-329). The school record listed his age as 10 years. The military record as age 24 & 10/12 years and stated his birthplace to be Council Bluffs, Iowa. In addition, he was a white male. The document was filed March 22, 1948. (00803) The death certificate notes that he was injured in an automobile accident on February 2, 1970 at 2:23 P.M; Harold was driving and the accident occurred at 19th Avenue and Buckeye Road, Phoenix, Arizona. He died at Memorial Hospital and is buried in Clarkdale Cemetery. He had lived in Arizona for 50 years and resided his last 18 years at 1540 S. 22nd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85009 (within city limits): previous state of residence was Iowa. Harold Linn's social security number was 527-44-7940 and he was a veteran of World War I. His surviving spouse and informant was Helen Naomi Linn. The certificate was signed by Al J. Flood on February 13, 1970, following the completion of an autopsy. (00806) ____________________MEDICAL EXAMINER'S REPORTS ON HAROLD LINN _____________Date: 2-11-70__Dictation Time: 12:00 noon__File # 70-201 I conducted an autopsy on the body of Harold Linn, 1540 S. 22nd Ave., Phoenix on 11 February 1970 commencing at 9:23 A.M. at the request of Judge Flood. It is my opinion that Mr. Linn died as a result of: Under investigation. SEX: Male__RACE:White__AGE:76__HEIGHT:72"__WEIGHT:147# HAIR:Brown-Red__EYES:Blue__TEETH:Edentulous _______________________AUTOPSY OR INVESTIGATION FINDINGS: 1) There is a small subdural hemorrhage over the right occipital lobe of the brain. __2) There are healing lacerations and contusions of the anterior forehead and face. __3) There is severe bilateral bronchopneumonia. __4) Certification pending completion of microscopy and evaluation of clinical history. _____________________________SUPPLEMENTAL REPORT _____________Date: 2-24-70__Dictation Time: 11:05 a.m.__File # 70-201 I conducted an autopsy on the body of Harold Linn, 1540 S. 22nd Ave., Phoenix on 11 February 1970 commencing at 9:23 A.M. at the request of Judge Flood. It is my opinion that Mr. Linn died as a result of: Under investigation. _____________________AUTOPSY OR INVESTIGATION FINDINGS: 1. The small subdural hemorrhage of the brain is not competent to account for death. _2. The clinical cause was that of early recovery from the minor injuries followed by development of bronchopneumonia. _3. A supplemental death certificate is completed and attached herewith for signature of Judge Flood and subsequent filing with local registrar. __________________________Further Research Required The date of his marriage to Helen was chosen to clearly indicate that this was his second marriage. The date on his marriage to Elsie was estimated also to indicate this to be his first marriage. The actual marriage dates need to be ascertained. (00807, see also 00820 & 00822)

Harold Linn and Elsie Violet Anderson had the following children:

child 350 i. Mary Philomene5 Linn(1231) was born in St. Louis, MO January 29, 1919. Mary died November 28, 1938 in Jerome, Pavapai Co., Ariz, at 19 years of age. Her body was interred November 29, 1938 in Clarkdale, Yavapai Co., AZ. According to her birth certificate, Mary Linn had an older sibling alive at the time of her birth. Mary's mother, Elsie, had one child prior to Mary and carried Mary to full term. Father, Harold, lists his occupation as "agriculterist." The attending physician was I. H. Cadwallader of 919 N. Taylor Avenue. Harold was 25 and Elsie 23 years of age and they resided in Louisiana, Missouri when Mary was born. This birth occurred at 12:10 AM. (00826) Mary had been a resident of Arizona for 19 years and 7 months when she died. Her family must have moved from Missouri in late April or early May of 1919. Mary was single and resided in Rimrock, Arizona. She was attended by a physician beginning November 24 and died four days later. The cause of death was listed as "Acute pneumococcio meningitis" which first came upon her on the 22nd. A spinal fluid culture was done to confirm the cause of death; no autopsy was performed. The informant was Harold Linn of Rimrock, Arizona. The time of death was 2:40 AM and the loctation of death was United Verde Hospital. (00827)

child 351 ii. Lloyd James Linn(1232) was born in Tuba City, Flagstaff, Coconina Co., Ariz September 2, 1921. Lloyd's certificate of birth lists his father as 28 and mother as 26 years of age. His father, Harold, now notes his occupation as nurseryman. The certificate was signed by attendant, E.S. Miller and filed with the local registrar on September 5, 1921: county registrar October 5, 1921. Lloyd is the second child of Elsie and Harold. Elsie's name was listed as Elsa. His birth occurred at about 3:00 PM. (00829)

child 352 iii. Jane Charoltte Linn(1233) was born in Tuba City, Coconina Co., Ariz July 12, 1923. Jane's birth certificate lists her as the third child of Elsie and neither of the previous children had died prior to Jane's birth. The attending physician was A.J. Montgomery and the certificate bears his signature. The document was filed with the local registrar in January (difficult to decipher), 1924: county registrar February 5, 1924. Harold was listed as 29 and Elsie as 28 years of age when Jane was born. Her birth occurred at 10:30 AM. (00831)

Harold Linn and Helen Naomi Hedges had the following children:

child + 353 iv. Paul Mackey Linn Sr. was born March 25, 1945.

child 354 v. Ruby Elizabeth Linn(1234) was born in Jerome, Yavapai Co., Ariz March 13, 1946. The birth certificate of Ruby Elizabeth Linn notes that the family is now (March, 1946) residing at Yaeger Canyon, Arizona but still maintains the Jerome Stage mailing address. One problem: this certificate states that Ruby's mother, Helen, has been a resident of Arizona for 11 years; however, the first child's certificate stated 15 years. Ruby is the second child and both were living. Helen Linn was in the hospital 7 days and carried Ruby full term. Mother, Helen, is listed as 20 years of age and father, Harold, at 52. Her birth occurred at 7:30 PM at United Verde Hospital. (00811)

child 355 vi. Pearl Ann Linn(1235) was born in Jerome, Yavapai Co., Ariz April 9, 1947. The birth certificate of Pearl Ann Linn notes that mother, Helen, has been a resident of Arizona for only 3 years. This is a problem (see previous children); however, also noted is that the family has been in the community of Yaeger Canyon for 3 years. Perhaps the 3 was transferred to Arizona residency in error. Helen Linn was in the hospital about 2.5 days and carried the child full term. Father, Harold, was 53 and mother, Helen, 21 years of age when Pearl was born. Her birth occurred at 10:50 PM at the United Verde Hospital. (00813)

child 356 vii. Opal Verra Linn(1236) was born in Cottonwood, Yavapai Co., AZ April 26, 1949. The certificate of birth for Opal Linn notes that mother, Helen, was 23 and father, Harold, was 55 years of age when Opal was born. Walter V. Edwards, M.D. attended the birth and signed the certificate May 3, 1949. Mrs. Helen Linn was the informant and she was then the mother of three children all of whom were still alive. One item of note, the usual residence of the mother was listed as 6th Street, Elefsson Avenue, Cottonwood, Yavapai Co., Arizona. The usual residence of the father was listed as Cottonwood as well. This represents a change from the previous Jerome Stage address. Her birth occurred at 11:00 o'clock at the Marcus J. Lawrence Hospital. (00815)

child 357 viii. Patrick Harold Linn(1237) was born in Glendale, Maricopa Co., Ariz January 15, 1952. The birth certificate for Patrick Linn notes some changes. The January 1952 address was 1540 South 2nd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona and Harold was a farm laborer. Mother Helen, then 26, and father Harold, then 57, were the parents of four children all remaining alive. The birth attendant was F. H. Fields and the certificate was signed on April 20, 1952. The certificate was received by the local (Deputy) registrar, Etta Buttler on June 12, 1952. His birth occurred at 5:55 PM at the Glendale Maternity Home. (00817)

child 358 ix. Franklin B. Linn(1238) was born in Glendale, Maricopa Co., Ariz April 9, 1953. He resides in Ventura, California 1978. The birth certificate of Franklin B. Linn lists his parents address as 1545 So. 22nd Ave, Maricopa, Phoenix, Arizona. His father was 59 and his mother was 27 when he was born. The full maiden name of his mother was noted as Helen Naomi Hedges. All five of their children are listed as alive and the certificate bears the signature of Mrs. H. Linn. The certificate was filed with the local registrar on June 8, 1953 and signed by Etta Butler, Deputy. His birth occurred at 7:50 at the Glendale Maternity Home. (00821) The following are exact excerpts from letters written by Franklin B. Linn to Mrs. Charles C. (Jeanne) Linn. "You don't know me but, I am Opal's brother, son of Harold Linn who lived in Phx. Ariz. ... I am also trying to get birth and death certificates on all of the people that I now have listed in my geneology. I am starting with my family first. So far I have got a copy of a death certificate of a Howard F. Linn, One of my dads brothers." (January 24, 1978 - 00820) "...Actually, I am not looking into our relatives past for religious reasons. I'm doing it because it is interesting and you get the chance to know what they thought and did in their life time. I will keep you informed on what I have. So far the only thing that I have recieved is a death certificate of HOWARD FOLEY LINN who is my uncle and one of my dads (Harold Linn) brothers. If you would like a copy of it, I would be very happy to give it to you. Right now I am waiting for a death certificates on Mary Macke Linn (My Grandmother), Donald Vernon Linn(My Uncle from my Dads side of the family), and a certificate on Nancy W. Linn Hilton (one of My Great Aunts from the family of our Great Grandfather). When I get these death certificates I will send you a copy. ... Today my heater in my car went out so I am in the process of taking the electric motor out and get a new one. It is more of a job than I anticipated. but, I will get it back together again, I hope. Opal and Bob are doing fine." (February 10, 1978 - 00834) The following is an excerpt from a letter to Brian J. Linn from Jeanne Linn regarding Franklin B. Linn. "Just thought I would write a brief addendum to my last letter. I finally reached Franklin B. Linn on Sunday; he lives in Ventura, CA. We had a long and most interesting (and, informative!) conversation. First, I want to correct a statement I made in my letter about Franklin not knowing his father (Harold Linn). He did know him, but was only 17 when he died. Franklin is now 38, married, with 2 children. He owns and operates a janitorial and window cleaning service, which he started 8 years ago. He says his father was very much "into" the family history, and loved to tell stories about it. Too, F.B.L. says that his grandfather WAS Andrew, and not Joseph as it says on his death certificate." (00835) He resided at 1074 & 1/2 S. Seward Ave, # 643-3104, Ventura, California, 93003 in 1978.

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