140. Charles Cyrus4 Linn Sr. (Andrew3, Andrew2, Andrew1)(1187) was born in Osborne, Osborne Co., KS May 30, 1894.(1188) Charles died August 14, 1984 in Pheonix, Arizona, at 90 years of age.(1189) His body was interred August 18, 1984 in Hotchkiss, Delta Co., CO.(1190)

He married twice. He married Alta Dolly Estes Crawford in Delta, Colo., May 19, 1920.(1191) Alta was born in Oklahoma City, Okla. June 12, 1898. Alta(1192) was the daughter of Louis Crawford and Naomi Bacon. Alta died May 5, 1991 in Salmon, Idaho, at 92 years of age.(1193) Her body was interred May 7, 1991 in Salmon, Idaho.(1194) Alta was divorced from Charles Cyrus Linn Sr. 1937.(1195)

For the record, first she married John Barnes, second she married Charles Linn, third she married Seabert Jacobs, and fourth she married Vernon Brott (00838:43).

He married Verna Grace Bellamy in Orange, California, 1940.(1196) (Additional notes for Verna Grace Bellamy(1197)) She resided August 1984.(1198)

He resided in Rogers Mesa, Delta Co., Colorado 1903.(1199) Charles served in the military in Delta Co., Colorado, est 1918.(1200) Charles's occupation: Auto mechanic in Grand Junction, Colorado, before 1937.(1201) He resided in Grand Junction, Colorado before 1937.(1202) He resided in Orange, California 1937.(1203) Charles was divorced from Alta Dolly Estes Crawford 1937.(1204) He resided in Pheonix, Arizona circa 1944.(1205) He resided in Pheonix, Arizona November 1967.(1206) He resided in Pheonix, Arizona August 14, 1984, 7809 S. 15th Ave Zip: 85401.(1207) At his death, he left 12 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. (1208)

Further Research Required

Source 00849 is inconsistent on the birthday indicating both the 30 and the 31st of May. Futhermore, source 01766, also from the same informant as source 00849, indicates May 30. Complicating the matter even more is the fact that the most official source, his death certificate (01767), indicates that he was born May 30 1893; however, it also notes that his age at last birthday was 90, which would support 1894! In addition, source 00849 is not consistent in the marriage date of Charles and his first wife Alta, it indicates both the 17 and the 19th, while source 00838:40 clearly states the 19th. Somewhere, probably in either source 00838 or source 00849, this writer read that Estella Linn thought his second wife may have gone by the name Babe. Also, source 01766 indicates that the family moved to Rogesrs Mesa in 1903 while source 01763 lists the year as 1904. [When the correct year is determined, correct Andrew and Mary Linn's data as well.] It should be noted that his obituary, source 01766, indicates burial on the 17th while other source 00849 indicates the 18th. Lastly, his death certificate (01767) indicates that he had lived in Arizona 45 years at the time of his death with his previous statew of residence being Colorado while is obituary (01766) notes that he resided in Phoenix the last 40 years of his life and that he lived in Orange California prior to his move to Arizona. Therefore, when did he come to the state of Arizona and where did he reside in Arizona before he moved to Phoenix? It is likely that the death certificate is incorrect about the previous state of residence, but this should also be examined further.

Charles Cyrus Linn Sr. and Alta Dolly Estes Crawford had the following children:

child 345 i. Edward Barnes5 Linn(1209) was born January 31, 1919.

child + 346 ii. Charles Cyrus Linn Jr. was born May 23, 1921.

child 347 iii. Margaret Rose Linn(1210) was born in Grand Junction, Colo. March 24, 1923. Margaret died May 16, 1990 at 67 years of age.(1211) She married Herbert Calvin Bradford January 29, 1943.(1212) (Additional notes for Herbert Calvin Bradford(1213))

She resided in Vanceburg, Kentucky August 1984.(1214)

child + 348 iv. Paul L. Linn was born July 18, 1927.

child 349 v. Kenneth Lee Linn(1215) was born in Grand Junction, Colo. January 22, 1930. He married four times. He married Julia Kay Unknown.(1216) (Additional notes for Julia Kay Unknown(1217)) He married Lela Mae Mayes May 27, 1949.(1218) (Additional notes for Lela Mae Mayes(1219)) He married Jan Arlen Bell November 3, 1956.(1220) (Additional notes for Jan Arlen Bell(1221)) He married Mary Unknown after 1956.(1222) (Additional notes for Mary Unknown(1223)) __________________________Further Research Required Jeanne Linn in source 00849 notes that Ken married a fourth time and that Jeanne believes her name was Mary.

He resides in Salmon, Idaho August 1984.(1224)

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