346. Charles Cyrus5 Linn Jr. (Charles Cyrus4, Andrew3, Andrew2, Andrew1)(2047) was born in Grand Junction, Colo. May 23, 1921.

He married twice. He married Jeanne Norene Shaw in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 1, 1942.(2048) Jeanne was born in Los Angeles, CA February 3, 1927. Jeanne(2049) was the daughter of Herbert Hodson Willard and Lenore Josephine Smemoe. Jeanne died May 20, 1998 at her home at Pine Mt. Lake in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA, at 71 years of age from cancer.(2050) Her body was interred May 1998 in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA, Oak Grove Cemetery.(2051) At 3 years of age Jeanne was adopted 1930. She was a student in Los Angeles Co., CA, 1942. School: school unknown.(2052) She was a student in CA, est 1957. School: school unknown.(2053) Jeanne was a member in Los Angeles Co., CA, before 1972.(2054) She resided in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA circa 1972 - May, 1998, Pine Mt. Lake Airport.(2055) Jeanne's occupation: librarian in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA, circa 1972.(2056) Jeanne was a member in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA, 1972 - 1988.(2057) Her funeral was held in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA, May 1998.(2058) During Brian Linn's many conversations with Jeanne, she expressed to him that Arthur and Beulah Norris Shaw raised and loved her as their own. Source 1202 page 3 has the following regarding Jeanne's parents. "Born to Lenore Smemoe (unmarried). Father was a student at the same college Lenore attended; his name was Bert Willard. Was adopted by Arthur and Beulah Shaw in 1930 (Calif)." Source 1202 page three has a note regarding the eldest child (Gary) of Charles and Jeanne which states simply that Gary "died as a result of an airplane accident." Brian Linn spoke to Jeanne briefly about this note (source 1267) and recorded the following. Charles, his half-brother Ed, and Gary went for an airplane ride. Upon landing, Ed set Gary down on the ground and then himself stepped to the ground. Just after stepping to the ground he turned his head back toward the cockpit and said something to Charles. During that brief moment, Gary walked into the propeller. Normally, Charles would have cut the motor as soon as the plane came to a stop, but in this instance didn't because he was intending to take off as soon as he dropped off his passengers. There is an apparent conflict between source 1202 page 2 indicating that Jeanne was originally spelled Jean and other documents indicating Jean. To clear up the conflict, Brian Linn spoke with her via telephone. Jeanne confirmed that her birth certificate read Jean Shaw. It as she who modified the spelling and added a middle name! When she was in school, about grade 7 she recollects, she was in a class with other girls by the same name. In order to facilitate more ordered communication, the teacher requested the middle names of each Jeanne or Jean. Having no middle name, and being ashamed of same, Jeanne simply made one up, Norene! (source 01267) Jeanne had to face the challenge of lung cancer in 1997 and was given chemotherapy and then subsequently radiation. Following the treatments, her energy and determination were alive and well. (2059)

Her adventurous spirit was demonstrated when, in 1969, she, Charles, their children and other family members decided to climb Mt. Whitney. A few months later, she and a few friends took a group of boys from a delinquent boys' ranch up the mountain.(2060)

He married Barbara Jordan in Durango, La Plata Co., CO, November 21, 1998.(2061) (Additional notes for Barbara Jordan(2062))

Charles's occupation: Machinist. He resides in Groveland, Tuolumne Co., CA May 1998, Pine Mt. Lake Airport.(2063) He resides in Durango, La Plata Co., CO 1999, 608 Ford Drive, Zip 81301.(2064)

Charles Cyrus Linn Jr. and Jeanne Norene Shaw had the following children:

child 592 i. Gary Lee6 Linn(2065) was born in Hawthorne, LA Co., CA February 21, 1944. Gary died July 17, 1947 in Hermiston, Umatilla, ORE, at 3 years of age. His body was interred July 20, 1947 in Hermiston, Umatilla, ORE.(2066)

child + 593 ii. Barry Adair Linn was born May 19, 1946.

child + 594 iii. Troy Allen Linn was born April 25, 1948.

child 595 iv. Donna Marie Linn(2067) was born in Pendleton, Umatilla, ORE July 17, 1951. She married Steven D. Pinley January 25, 1969.(2068) (Additional notes for Steven D. Pinley(2069))

"Joan Chalas of Jamestown left for San Francisco Monday aboard Alexander Sierra Airlines' Cesna 206 with pilot Donna Pinley at the controls. In S.F. she took a PSA flight to Las Vegas for a short visit with friends." (2070)

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