593. Barry Adair6 Linn (Charles Cyrus5, Charles Cyrus4, Andrew3, Andrew2, Andrew1)(3101) was born in Hawthorne, LA Co., CA May 19, 1946.(3102) Barry died of pneumonia / heart attack December 20, 1997 at 51 years of age.(3103) His body was interred December 1997 in Palmdale, LA Co., CA.(3104)

He married twice. He married Mary Jill Schumann in Palmdale, LA Co., CA, August 22, 1970.(3105) (Additional notes for Mary Jill Schumann(3106)) He married Rosie Pivovaroff September 27, 1984.(3107) Rosie was born in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico May 28, 1954. (Additional notes for Rosie Pivovaroff(3108))

Barry served in the military in Vietnam, 1964.(3109) He was decorated with Bronze Star for Bravery w/Valor while serving in the military 1964.(3110) Barry's occupation: child probation officer in Los Angeles, CA, as of 1997.(3111) Barry's daughter Blaire noted the he enjoyed art and was a great artist. He also liked riding motorcycles, which his daughter noted liking as well. (3112)

Barry Adair Linn and Rosie Pivovaroff had the following child:

child 869 i. Blaire Edie7 Linn(3113) was born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA October 12, 1986.(3114) She resides with her mother in Palmdale, LA Co., CA May 1999, 3141 East Ave., Q 14, zip 93550.(3115) She was a student as of May 1999 in Karate.(3116) Blaire graduated June 29, 2000. Institution: institution unknown.(3117) One of Blaire's interests is her motorcycle. In mid-May of 2000, Blaire joined her cousin Chris on the Dry Lake Bed to try out her recently worked on motorcycle in the windy and dusty conditions. Chris races in pro junior ranks of the LAACR. (3118)

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