381. Allen Kenneth5 Linn (Earl Victor4, Robert Wright3, Andrew2, Andrew1)(2379) was born in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan March 6, 1948.(2380)

He married twice. He married Terry Mae Hogan in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan, June 7, 1969.(2381) (Additional notes for Terry Mae Hogan(2382)) Terry was divorced from Allen Kenneth Linn February 1973.(2383) He married Susan Ann Walker Sorenson in Burton, Genesee Co., Michigan, August 10, 1973.(2384) (Additional notes for Susan Ann Walker Sorenson(2385)) Susan was divorced from Allen Kenneth Linn June 1992.(2386)

Further Research Required Apparently, she was married previously to either a Mr. Walker or probably a Mr. Sorenson. The entry on page 13 of source 01851 has Walker in parenthesis but it isn't clear how that should be interpreted.

He graduated from high school in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan, 1967. School: Southwestern High School.(2387) Allen served in the military June 19, 1969.(2388) Allen was an apprentice for two years beginning in the summer 1969.(2389) He was released from active duty June 18, 1971.(2390) Allen finished his four year apprenticeship by working two years beginning in the summer 1971.(2391) Allen was divorced from Terry Mae Hogan February 1973.(2392) Allen's occupation: Carpenter for Darrin Armstrong est August 1973.(2393) Allen's occupation for General Motors: Carpenter in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan, 1976.(2394) He purchased land, 10105 Linden Road, zip: 48420, in 1979 in Clio, Genesee Co., Michigan.(2395) Allen was divorced from Susan Ann Walker Sorenson June 1992.(2396) He resided in Mt. Morris, Genesee Co., Michigan July 1998, 9070 Saginaw, No. 132, (48458). He resides in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan at 222 East Livingston Dr. (48503) as of May 1999.(2397) Allen is very interested in genealogy as a hobby. He also notes that he is a sports enthusiest.(2398)

Allen Kenneth Linn and Susan Ann Walker Sorenson had the following children:

child + 646 i. Jeffrey Allen6 Linn was born April 4, 1972.

child 647 ii. Jillian "Jill" Ann Linn(2399) was born in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan November 21, 1984.(2400) Details: 10015 Linden Rd. (zip 48420). She was a student of dance in Michigan, 1987. School: school unknown.(2401) She was a student in Clio, Genesee Co., Michigan, 1988 - 1995. School: Edgerton Elementary School.(2402) Jillian traveled in Minnesota, after June 1992 to visit the Mall of America.(2403) She was a student in Clio, Genesee Co., Michigan, Fall 1995. School: Carter Middle School.(2404) She resides at 10105 Linden Rd. (zip 48420) in Clio, Genesee Co., Michigan as of May 1999.(2405) She mentioned that she likes music and is interested in reading and writing. The latter two were demonstrated when she was at the family reunion in the summer of 1998 and had in possession books to read and a writing journal. In addition, she admitted to being the quiet type but quickly stated that shy is an adjective that in no way applies! Jill played basketball when she was in the fourth grade. This writer (and interviewer) believes that Jill was very well spoken and articulate during her interview: clearly demonstrating a high degree of intelligence and a thoughtful manner. (2406)

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