568. Veldon6 Cockran (Angie5 Clark, Laurie Leona4 Linn, James Harr3, Thomas2, Andrew1)(3061) was born in Taylor Co., IA February 8, 1933. Veldon died September 1987 in Alamosa Co., at 54 years of age.

He married twice. He married Mabel Mae Lloyd.(3062) (Additional notes for Mabel Mae Lloyd(3063)) She resides in Placintian, CA July 1992. Mabel resided at 1106 Walhgreen in Placintian, California 92670 in 1992 (00885:1).

He married Sue Cruthers December 31, 1955.(3064) (Additional notes for Sue Cruthers(3065))

Veldon graduated in Lenox, IA. Institution: institution unknown.

Veldon and twin sister Veldeva were born at about 9:00 am on the farm during a blizzard with Dr. William Cash and both grandmothers present. Veldon's body was found on the 4th of October, 1987, an estimated 12-14 days after death. It was determined that he was the victim of a self-inflicted accidental shooting wound while hunting; being in a rather desolate area, he had hemorrhaged to death in a failed attempt to secure aid. The extent of the decomposition resulted in the Alamosa authorities requiring cremation of his body. (00885:1)

Veldon Cockran and Sue Cruthers had the following children:

child 856 i. Diana Sue7 Cockran(3066) was born October 16, 1956. She married David Mayhew.(3067) (Additional notes for David Mayhew(3068)) He resides in Pasadena, TX 1986.

She resides in Pasadena, TX 1987. Apparently, Diana and husband David lived in Alaska for a time about 1983 when one daughter was born there. They have two daughters (00885:1)

child 857 ii. Michael Orson Cockran(3069) was born May 29, 1959. He married Kris Unknown.(3070) (Additional notes for Kris Unknown(3071)) She resides in Hacienda Heights, CA January 26, 1985.

He resides in Hacienda Heights, CA January 26, 1985. Michael and Kris have one boy born prior to 1987 and another child born in late 1987 or early 1988. (00885:1)

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