569. Veldeva6 Cockran (Angie5 Clark, Laurie Leona4 Linn, James Harr3, Thomas2, Andrew1)(3072) was born in Taylor Co., IA February 8, 1933.

She married Elvin Long in Lenox, IA, May 27, 1956.(3073) Elvin was born January 19, 1936. (Additional notes for Elvin Long(3074)) Elvin was divorced from Veldeva Cockran September 15, 1983.

Veldeva was divorced from Elvin Long September 15, 1983. She resides in Jefferson City, MO 1992. Veldeva was born at about 9:00 am. She graduated high school in Lenox, Iowa and earned a B.S. in Education from North West Missouri State College. She has also done some work toward a master's degree. Veldeva and Elvin were married by the Reverend Harold Butts. Veldeva resides at 2205 Oakview, Jefferson City, MO 65701. (00885:1 & 2) ___________________________________Conflict An odd conflict has arisen. Source 01409:38 lists a son to this couple by the name of Andrew; however, this source obtained its data on this couple from Brian J. Linn and his records show no Andrew born to them.

Veldeva Cockran and Elvin Long had the following children:

child 858 i. Ellen7 Long(3075) was born in Clorinda, Paige Co., IA October 11, 1961. She married John Balrenbush August 10, 1985.(3076) (Additional notes for John Balrenbush(3077)) Ellen was born in the hospital. She graduated William Woods and holds both a B.A. and a Master's degree in Education. Education must be something she values and his good at because she was working on her PhD in 1992. (00885:2)

child 859 ii. Joyce Long(3078) was born September 4, 1963. Joyce graduated William Woods and holds a B.A. (00885:2).

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