63. Harry H.3 Linn (Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(706) was born April 3, 1858.(707) Harry died September 6, 1906 at 48 years of age.(708) His body was interred September 1906 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(709)

He married Barbara Whammond March 1, 1883.(710) Barbara was born June 18, 1857. Barbara(711) was the daughter of David Whammond and Christina Unknown. Barbara died May 16, 1917 at 59 years of age. Her body was interred May 1917 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(712)

Harry and Barbara were married by the Reverend J. Max Lantz (00836:5, 00838:41, & 01409:9). They are buried in Clark Cemetery (01409:9). __________________________For Additional Information See the Clinton Democrat of March 3, 1883 for marriage (00838:41). __________________________Further Research Required The day of death is uncertain based upon conflicting evidence. Sources 00947:8 and 00838:41 state the 16th, source 01409:9 states the 5th, and source 00836:5 states the 11th. Until the matter is resolved the 16th has been chosen for the record above.

Harry Linn lived in Maidsville and was a constable, but whether or not he was a constable in Maidsville is not specified (01409:9). Harry was sometimes listed as Henry (00838:41). He died following an operation at Lock Haven hospital and was survived by his wife and four children (00838:60). __________________________For Additional Information See the Clinton Republican issue of September 12, 1906 (00838:40), which according source 01409:18 lists his children. __________________________Further Research Required Sources 00947:8 & 01409:18 list two more daughters as "Girl Linn." This writer has no other sources which confirm or contradict these sources on this point.

Harry H. Linn and Barbara Whammond had the following children:

child 226 i. Stella Virginia4 Linn(713). Stella died 1940. She married Lewis Ellery Mapes August 25, 1910.(714) (Additional notes for Lewis Ellery Mapes(715)) A picture exists of Stella and Chrissie Linn in the doorway of the old post office of Beech Creek. The caption uses their maiden name so it may be reasonably concluded that the photo was taken prior to August 1910 when Stella married Lewis Mapes. (00853:3) ____________________Further Research Required Source 00947:8 lists the wedding day as the 15th performed by Rev. Mollin S. Taylor while source 00838:41 lists the wedding date as the 25th performed by Rev. R.S. Taylor. Further, the M.E. Church records list the marriage of Wm. Lewis Mapes on August 10, 1910 by the Rev. R.S. Taylor (01409:18). It is likely reasonable to conclude that they married in August of 1910 but the specific day and the minister's given name are in question.

child + 227 ii. George Armstrong Linn was born August 15, 1889.

child + 228 iii. Elizabeth Mae Linn was born August 15, 1889.

child + 229 iv. Chrissie Whamond Linn was born December 22, 1894.

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