229. Chrissie Whamond4 Linn (Harry H.3, Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(1500) was born in Beech Creek, PA December 22, 1894.(1501) Chrissie died May 6, 1966 in Beech Creek, PA, at 71 years of age. Her body was interred May 1966 in Blanchard, PA, Church of Christ.(1502)

She married Morton Cecil DeHaas in Lycombing Co., PA.(1503) Morton was born September 19, 1894.(1504) (Additional notes for Morton Cecil DeHaas(1505)) Morton died October 18, 1952 in Beech Creek, PA, at 58 years of age. His body was interred October 1952 in Blanchard, PA, Church of Christ.(1506)

Further Research Required There is a conflict over the date of birth. Source 01773:5, tombstone incription, indicates that he was born in 1886 while source 00861:1 indicates 1894. Chrissie and Morton were married by the Reverend J.K. Lloyd (01409:17). Both are buried in the Church of Christ Cemetery (01060:1). __________________________Further Research Required There are three facts not in agreement. 1. The year of birth; Mr. DeHaas (source 00861:1 and son of Chrissie) believes the year was 1894 while Mr. Johnstonbaugh (00947:8) has it listed as 1886. 2. The date of her marriage. Admittedly, Mr. DeHaas wasn't certain of the date but felt strongly that it was a proper amount of time prior to the birth of their first child (01060:1 & 00941). Sources 00947:8 and 01409:17 indicate the full date as May 9, 1909; perhaps the day and month are correct but the year is off by one. In any case, this most certainly can be determined by examining the appropriate census and/or marriage records. 3. Source 01060:1 indicates that she died in Beech Creek but 01409:17 indicates Williamsport Hospital in Williamsport. Until these matters are resolved the information provided by Mr. DeHaas has been entered.

Chrissie Whamond Linn and Morton Cecil DeHaas had the following children:

child + 457 i. Clyde Cecil5 DeHaas was born June 22, 1909.

child 458 ii. Helen Margaret DeHaas(1507) was born September 30, 1910. Helen died November 1912 at 2 years of age. Her body was interred 1912 in Blanchard, Centre Co., PA, Church of Christ.(1508)

child 459 iii. Joseph Morton DeHaas(1509) was born April 13, 1912.(1510) Joseph died October 4, 1996 in Beech Creek, PA, at 84 years of age. His body was interred October 1996 in Blanchard, PA, Church of Chirst.(1511)

In 1868 the methodist church on Harrisson street was built and in 1926 a kitchen was added to the rear. A number of improvements have been made since including the installation of a pipe organ in 1957; since that time, it has been skillfully played by Joseph M. DeHaas. (00853:12) When conversing with Brian Linn, Mr. DeHaas mentioned that he had played the organ at one church for 27 years and another for 36 years. In 1992, he was playing the organ at the methodist church very near his home. Joseph DeHaas never married and said "... guess I never found the right one." (00861:1) A friendly and inquisitive man, Brian Linn spoke with him for about an hour one sunday afternoon. At eighty years of age he was firing off family information faster than this author could write it down. I believe his mental agility and confidence can assure the reader that he passed on accurate information! Mr. DeHaas last received his mail at Box 47, Beech Creek, Pennsylvania 16822 and his telephone number was 717-962-2613 (00861:1). Brian Linn had been attempting to telephone him in early December, 1996 and was unable to reach him. Mr. DeHaas had sent Brian Christmas cards for some years but none was received in 1996. After a few unsuccessful telephone attempts and not receiving a Christmas card, a call was placed by Brian to John Johnstonbaugh, wintering in Florida. It was during this conversation that Brian learned about the passing of Mr. DeHaas a few weeks earlier (01576). Mr. DeHaas died at his home and is buried in the Christian Cemetery; for the convenience of the family, there was no viewing or funeral (01746). Brian admits while never having met him face-to-face, he will remember Joseph DeHaas as a man always willing to converse, share whatever pertinent genealogy information he knew, and exhibit kindness and encouragement during their telephone conversations.

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