432. Brook C.5 Linn (Joseph Brittain4, James Andrew3, Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(2596) was born February 7, 1907. Brook died December 17, 1982 at 75 years of age. His body was interred in Beech Creek, Clinton Co., PA.

He married three times. He married Loretta Glenn.(2597) (Additional notes for Loretta Glenn(2598)) He married Jenny Unknown before 1975.(2599) (Additional notes for Jenny Unknown(2600)) He married Helen Kunes Probst December 5, 1975.(2601) Helen was born in Kane, PA February 13, 1910. (Additional notes for Helen Kunes Probst(2602)) Helen graduated in Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., PA, 1929. Institution: institution unknown. She resides in Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., PA 1993. Helen is a graduate of Jersey Shore High School. She taught home economics for years and spent a good deal of time in the school cafeteria. Helen is still very active: singing in the church choir and doing volunteer work. Well into her eighties, Helen and a friend named Gladys started a program that allows for senior citizens to work with elementary and Jr. high school students one on one. There are some 35-40 seniors involved. Helen works with seven kids! She and her friends help, talk with and assist them in any way they can. Helen desires to be a positive influence on kids and show them what good values by leading by example. (01062:2)

Brook is pictured with the Beech Creek Intermediate Grades 1921-1922; Roxie Bechdel was the teacher that year (00853:20). Mr. Joseph DeHaas noted that Brook was a poor student ... he didn't elaborate but the tone in his voice suggested that perhaps it had as much to do with lax attendance as it did poor performance (00940). Brook's first wife, Loretta, was from Lock Haven. His second wife, Jenny, was from Buffalo; their marriage ended when she passed away. Apparently, after leaving his home area of central Pennsylvania [at about age 20 (01060:1)], he lived in Buffalo for nearly 45 years. (01059:2 & 01062:1) Brook and Helen married late in life. They had dated when they were young but then drifted in separate directions and each married. No children were born to this union but Helen did have children from a previous marriage. Joseph DeHaas invited Brook to the methodist church homecoming. (00940) The homecoming was held in September of 1975 and Helen attended with her sisters. A minister friend, Rev. Lundy, was taking part in the service; Helen and siblings asked him to sit with them during lunch. In the course of conversation, a question was posed as to the name of the fellow at the other end of the table. Rev. Lund stated that his name was Brook; Helen just knew he had to be Brook Linn. That was on a Sunday and he came to see her on the following Tuesday ... they married three months later. (01062:2) As an aside, Helen's had been married to her first husband (Mr. Probst) for nearly 40 years prior to his passing away. Just to set the record straight, she and Brook dated three and one-half years in high school! (01062:1) Brooke is buried in the Hays-Fearon Cemetery (01409:26). __________________________Further Research Desirable An additional note is that Brooke and Helen had the old Linn family Bible (01059:2). If at all possible, there should be an attempt to locate this Bible and cull out any pertinent genealogical information.

Brook C. Linn and Jenny Unknown had the following child:

child 705 i. Carmella6 Linn(2603). Alice believes that she is married with children of her own and believes she may still be living in Buffalo (01059:1).

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