202. Joseph Brittain4 Linn (James Andrew3, Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(1429) was born June 1866. Joseph died December 10, 1940 at 74 years of age. His body was interred December 1940 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(1430)

He married Carrie Elizabeth Lingle.(1431) Carrie was born October 19, 1866. Carrie(1432) was the daughter of George Washington Lingle and Jane Ellen Johnson. Carrie died September 19, 1937 at 70 years of age. Her body was interred September 1937 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(1433) Mrs. Burke McDavid of Frostburg, Maryland, spent several days with Mrs. J. Brit. Linn. (Beech Creek News, November 5, 1927) (See 00838:60) ___________________________________Conflict Source 00947 lists her given middle name as Ellen while 00838:59 lists the name as Elizabeth. Brian Linn has gone with the second source for two reasons. First, its author Harry Lingle is a relation to Carrie. Second, Carrie's mother's given middle name was Ellen; names can become intermixed given the flood of papers and poorly written (bad penmanship) documents of genealogy.

Further Research Required

In the course of this research, Brian Linn has come across different spellings of the name "Brittain or Britton." This is likely non-consequential to the Linn line. However, in the interest of accuracy, it should be noted that 00838:59 lists the spelling as Brittain and 00947:5,6 list it as Brittton.

Joseph Brittain Linn and Carrie Elizabeth Lingle had the following children:

child + 426 i. Herbert G.5 Linn.

child + 427 ii. William B. Linn.

child + 428 iii. Donald Linn was born 1892.

child 429 iv. Allie 'Al' Williams Linn(1434) was born in Beech Creek, Clinton Co., PA circa 1899. Allie died March 8, 1972 in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA, at 72 years of age. His body was interred in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA. He married Alice Reeder May 17, 1924.(1435) Alice was born in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA February 8, 1906. Alice(1436) is the daughter of John Ross Reeder and Emma J. Unknown. She resides in Lock Haven, Clinton Co., PA 1992.(1437) Alice was raised in Lock Haven and quit high school before graduating: probably as a freshman or sophomore and believes it mayn't not have been the wisest choice. She had started working prior to leaving school and continued for 30 years at a dress shop in Lock Haven. Alice retired in 1972. She desired to return to work after retirement but found she couldn't do it anymore ... too much for her. Alice kept busy, however, caring for her mother. She mentioned, during her telephone conversation with Brian Linn, that she and Al had divorced after 13-14 years of marriage but re-married and remained so until his death; Alice didn't mention any reason for the divorce.

Apparently Al's full given name was thought to be Alva (but see next paragraph). He was listed in a local news column of the Lock Haven weekly paper as one of the students with perfect school attendance during the 1891-92 year: Beech Creek Borough. (00853:127 & 00861) Source 00947:6 indicates his name was Allie. According to Alice Reeder Linn, his name wasn't Alva but Allie Williams Linn; he was named after a barber in Beech Creek (01059:1). Al is buried in the Highland Cemetery (01409:25). ______________Further Research Required He was about six to eight years older than his wife; therefore, he would have been born circa 1899. In addition, she believed that the month of birth was May. A specific birth date needs to be determined. (01059:1)

child 430 v. Fred Linn(1438) was born 1900. Fred died 1962 at 62 years of age. His body was interred est 1962 in Beech Creek, PA, Clark.(1439)

child + 431 vi. Howard F. Linn was born October 30, 1904.

child + 432 vii. Brook C. Linn was born February 7, 1907.

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