204. Martha V. 'Mattie'4 Linn (James Andrew3, Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(1440) was born June 7, 1879.(1441) Martha died April 26, 1911 at 31 years of age.(1442) Her body was interred in Blanchard, PA, Church of Christ.(1443)

Jim Linn (00764:2) had the following to say regarding the grave marker for his mother, Martha "Mattie" Linn in the Church of Christ cemetery. Buried under that marker: James Andrew Linn (father of Martha), Hattie Ferry Linn, Lula A. Linn, and Martha Linn. Jim belives that the reason only his mother's name appears on the stone is that "no one ever got around to it (engraving the others)." Brian Linn and Jim Linn never had the chance to discuss that which follows, which is sad because it would have been exciting to Brian to realize that his finding a "long lost relative" in Jim was not really all that long lost. Source 01204 page 1 is a cover note for Linda Tiapson's file (source 01204) written by Jeanne Linn to Brian Linn on 3 September 1992. The note includes "... I'm particularly interested in the photo of 'Aunt Mattie Linn.' Our new relative, Linda Linn Tiapson, has no idea WHO she is, and where she fits into the family. Our (Brian and Jeanne's work) history has one 'Mattie Linn,' mother of James McLain, on p.52 (Brian and Jeanne's work). Could this be her? If so, the mystery is that the picture was taken in Piper City, Ill., which is right next to Chatsworth!! ..." Brian believes the answer is a clear yes, she is the mother of James McLain Linn. There is really no mystery at all in the picture being taken at the G.L. Moore studios in Piper City. Brian has three old family photographs taken at that same studio! Brian's great-grandfather Orin was born in Chatsworth in 1861 and his grandfather James Hazel was born there in 1895. The Orin Linn family resided in Chatsworth until after the death of Orin's wife in June of 1907. After a brief time in south-east Iowa, he moved the family to Louisiana. This means that during all but the last three or so years of Mattie's lifetime (d. Apr 1911), the Linn family resided in Chatsworth. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to conclude that Brian's great- grandfather and Jim's mother (who were second cousins) knew one another. If Brian and Jim realized that before Jim passed away, there would have been even more "old times" to talk about, and what fun it would have been!

Martha V. 'Mattie' Linn and Thomas Batthers had the following child:

child + 433 i. James McLain5 Linn was born April 2, 1911.

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