702. Ronald H.6 Lynn (Howard F.5 Linn, Joseph Brittain4, James Andrew3, Joseph Britton2, Andrew1)(3284) birth date unknown. Ronald died December 1990.(3285) His body was interred est Dec 1990 in Beech Creek, PA, Hays-Fearon.(3286)

He married three times. He married Marjorie Elaine Moran 1948.(3287) Marjorie was born November 11, 1929.(3288) (Additional notes for Marjorie Elaine Moran(3289)) Marjorie died September 30, 1988 at 58 years of age from cancer.(3290) Marjorie was adopted.(3291) He married Delores Unknown circa 1960.(3292) She resides in Stafford, Stafford Co., VA As of September 1999.(3293) He married Gertrude "Trudy" Unknown est after 1963. (Additional notes for Gertrude "Trudy" Unknown(3294)) She resides in Pittsburg, Contra Costa Co., CA As of December 2001, 1526 Willow Pass Rd. No. 35.(3295)

He resides in Tarzana, CA. Ronald's occupation: merchant marine circa 1943.(3296) Ronald was divorced from an unknown person est 1958.(3297) Ronald changes the spelling of his last name from Linn to Lynn. Apparently, he was upset with his father and thought that changing his surname would make is father mad. His daughter Dianne noted that "...that would be just like him to do that he was a rebel ...." (3298)

Ronald H. Lynn and Delores Unknown had the following children:

child 916 i. Amy7 Lynn(3299). She resides in Virginia As of September 1999.(3300)

child 917 ii. Bonnie Lynn(3301). She resides in Virginia As of September 1999.(3302)

child 918 iii. Christine Lynn(3303) was born est 1963.(3304) She resides in Stafford, Stafford Co., VA As of September 1999, 2024 State Room Drive Zip:22554.(3305)

Ronald H. Lynn and Marjorie Elaine Moran had the following children:

child 919 iv. Dianne Elaine Lynn(3306) was born in Franklin, NJ June 30, 1949.(3307) She resided in CA December 2001.(3308)

child + 920 v. Barton James Lynn was born September 20, 1952.

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